Monday, May 24, 2010

Success Breeds Success

More success at the Fargo Marathon ... Shaun Palmer ran 35 minutes faster than he did at Med-City last year, running a super speedy 3:31:04 and got a BQ at that!! Whoo hoo!! Shaun, you rock! I'm so proud. He's trained very hard, been racing strong this spring, so he was READY. :-)

Here's the link to the YouTube video that was shot for the Rochester Convention & Visitor's Bureau last Thursday at the Bear's Den. Bri and I are the ones that took the questions. We're at about 1:40 into the video.

Here's a link to a story about Madi Couser, a 7 year old girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Jan '08. The family are all such nice people, runners and are RTC members. She's doing well, and there is a 5K fundraiser on June 13 for the support organization Brighter Tomorrows. Marianne is helping with the planning for the race.

We will be running hills tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5:00 or 5:30 as the case may be. But with this oppressive heat and humidity, I'm sure the effort/quantity will be scaled back some. Meet at the S.F. Memorial if you'd like to join us.

Today's workout: 9.01 mile run (it was rather unpleasant ... way too hot and sticky for my liking) and then a swim later in the day. Turned into just a 1/2 hour swim rather than an hour as my legs were cramping so bad. Tomorrow, lift and swim. And then hills.

I've gone back to bike shopping. There are some bikes at Roch Cycling & Fitness that I'll go back and test ride. I wasn't dressed for riding today when I stopped in. I just wanted to see what they had in inventory, and talk to Deb (who's on vacation...)

No pix today. Kind of a slow news day, too. That's the way it is some days.

Sleep well. Stay cool. Toodles.

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