Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rainy Days and Thursdays

What a cold, windy, dreary, wet day. A good one to stay inside and ...

make jam. First red raspberry, and then Concord grape jelly.

This evening was spent packaging up the Rochester Half Marathon shirts. All 200 of them. Oh my ... if I never see another one of those shirts, or that spreadsheet, it will be too soon. They will be off to the bulk mail facility (out of town addresses) and Running Room (Rochester addresses) tomorrow. If you live in Rochester you have exactly 1 week to pick them up. After that they will be removed from the store. So please stop by and pick yours up if you have one coming.

Yesterday evening I had a few friends over for dinner.

We had SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. :-) Even when we were talking about bats in houses. Not mine, though! Thank goodness. (That's the Williamson family)

And Dan Strain and Judy Weller.

And Trevor Distad.

And so much food. :-)

I didn't even get photos of the apple crisp and peach cookie crisp for dessert. My bad!!

I bought some roses at Sam's Club yesterday. 10 stems for $6. They're gorgeous. They had lots and lots of colors, but I chose red ...

Today was a one-day sale on winter squash at Rochester Produce. I love winter squash, so I bought a few.

Thank you to Randy McKeeman and Dan Strain who have volunteered to be "Pete Martin" for the marathon training runs next fall ... marking the courses, etc. Dan's got all sorts of plans regarding route maps and GPS. Stay tuned!

Check out the new Lac-Up Against Breast Cancer website. Thank you to Mike and Jessica Schmitt for revamping it. It looks great!

I've changed my TC10 plans a bit. I'm going up on Saturday instead and staying with a friend in Minneapolis so will attend the expo Saturday afternoon. Makes Sunday morning a bit more bearable as far as wake-up time. I'm hoping to get in one more short run tomorrow morning and a little swim, weather permitting. Today I was relegated to the Stairmaster in the basement as it was pouring rain. :-( My 1/4 mile splits from the Tuesday: 1:34 1:31 1:26 1:25 1:25 1:25 1:25 1:26 1:27 1:28 (Time to quit ... I had 50+ miles on my legs Fri-Sun.)

There's a movie, Race Across the Sky, about the Leadville 100 (ultra) on Thursday, 10/22. (Thanks Trevor for passing along the info.) It's not showing in Rochester, but will be at several theaters in the cities. There's also a trailer on the website.

The year is winding down and soon it will be time to submit nominations for RTC Runner of the Year. Nominations can be sent to More info on the website or the last issue of RTC News.

Time for bed. Good night!

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