Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When It Rains ...

... it's a good day to exercise indoors. So this morning I lifted (I'm including quad work again now to strengthen the muscles around my knees) and swam for an hour. Had a good swim. Consistently took 1 to 2 strokes off every length of the pool. Yes, I count my strokes EVERY length. :-) I'm a "numbers" person after all. Late afternoon was to bring a group bike ride for a few of us but it brough heavy rain instead. So we've postponed our ride until tomorrow. We're going to meet either at the RAC at 5 or the Bear's Den at 6. Stay tuned to Facebook for the up-to-date plans. Anyone is welcome to join us. So instead of the ride, I did 2 hours on the Stairmaster and felt really good. My knee has improved a lot. But ... a marathon is hard on an uninjured body. I don't know that I want to risk further injury and possibly put in jeopardy my running for the summer and possibly biking just to get another finisher's medal. And it wouldn't be a BQ (I've got a little string of 5 going right now). And I wouldn't be proud of it. And I'd have to spend a bunch more money. So my current thinking is that I'm not running. But I'll make my final decision tomorrow. Oh ... I did run around the neighborhood so my string of running every day this year remains intact.

... it's a good day to bake cookies for friends. I'm having lunch with my friends Jeanne and Mary tomorrow. We're celebrating their birthdays, albeit a little late. Especially Jeanne's. But better late than never as they say.

... find cute little bargains in the clearance racks at JCPenney.

Check out the fun HUGE yellow flower ring on the hanger!

... it turns out that I'm going to lose the ash tree in my back yard. Don discovered a large crack in it on Saturday. On Monday, arborist Ed Hayes came over and looked at it. He came back today and said that it really should come down, along with the linden on the east side of the house (I knew this one was in trouble too ... root girdling). And there's some other misc. cleanup that needs to be done. Things are 20 years old and getting overgrown.

... it's a good day to haul 160 pounds of water softener salt from Fleet Farm to the basement. One can always use another upper body workout.

... it's a good day to enjoy a photo of a friend on a mission trip to Tanzania.

We sent some Ts and hats with Paul on his trip. He's going to see if he can sift through his many photos and find a few to send my way. It'd be fun to see some Rochester Half Marathon caps being worn on the other side of the world.

... enjoy yet another of my huge piles 'o veggies and fruit for supper. Along with leftover Brussels sprouts.

Until next time my friends ...

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