Friday, June 10, 2011

They Paved Paradise (?) and Put Up a Parking Lot

I went for a ride late this morning. Brrrrrrr ... what a change from earlier in the week. I wore my arm warmers and was I ever glad. 42.63 miles and my toes were frozen when I got back. I rode the Salem Corners, Byron, Pine Island, Douglas loop.

I stopped to use "the facilities" on county road 5 and my cleats got all full of mud. So I was sat down on the shoulder of the road to clean them out with a stone. A woman in a pick-up drove by and stopped just beyond me to ask if I was OK. I thought that was very nice of her. :-) The red-winged blackbirds are alive and well up by the county road 5/3 intersection. One was hissing at me and dive-bombing my helmet as is usually the case ... Stopped in Douglas to use the facilities (it was cold!!) and they've totally redone the parking lot, outhouse, picnic tables, etc. Looks very nice. That parking lot really needed paving. Too bad they didn't do that back when we were race directing the Treadman Duathlon there.

I took county road-I-wish-they-would-pave-the-shoulder-4 east to 104 and the south. 104 doesn't have much of a shoulder but with no rumble strips it's quite nice.

Saturday morning run options at Panera South: 7:00 or 8:00. Choose your time. Choose your distance. Choose your route. If you ordered a Paul Melby shirt, they will be there for pickup.

Joey Keillor is again holding a high school running program this summer from 7/17 through 8/11. It meets 3 times per week (Quarry Hill/Bamber Valley/Kellogg) and is $40 (assistance available). It will focus on: 1) running efficiently, 2) avoiding injury, 3) training effectively, and 4) listening to your body. No racing involved. Contact Joey at for more info. Or you can email me and I will send you the flyer.

All Comers' track meets start on Tuesday. Laura can always use more volunteers. It's lots of fun to help out at these meets. I've been helping for years and years and years ... Contact Laura at

I made my first batch of jam for the year today. Blueberry.

I made a batch of cookies for the weekend. But there will be more. And a pie for Sunday as well. I'm thinking peach if my peaches ripen in time, otherwise it will be cherry.

Meals this week have been pretty much the same ... salads and corn on the cob. Fruits and veggies are Weight Watchers free foods. And it's paying dividends.

My friends Cindy and Katie Lewandowski are coming down tomorrow evening and staying the night. Then they're doing Trinona bright and early Sunday morning (along with 798 other folks). I'm going to go over and watch. Then it's a lovely afternoon at the Shonyo's (and Bee's Knees Honey) with the St. Cloud River Runners. Should be a wonderful day. Can't wait!

BTW: State parks throughout Minnesota are free tomorrow. Nice!!

Hugs ............

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