Tuesday, June 14, 2011

They're Off!!

This evening (until the rain moved in) kicked off the 41st running of the All Comers' track meets at Soldier's Field. And again, it was a very good turnout. I had the responsibilities of: 1) signaling to Jerry at the other end of the track that we were ready for runners, 2) handing out red (2nd place) ribbons, and 3) calling out the finishing order for first, second, third by describing the clothing the runners were wearing. Stressful!! But also lots of fun ...


We skipped the 200 because we'd heard rumbles of thunder and midway through the 800 called the meet because of rain. If you haven't been to one of these before, I encourage you to come watch or better yet, volunteer. They start at 6:00 on the west side of the Soldier's Field track. You can email Laura at lenz.rowekamp@usfamily.net if you'd like to volunteer, or just show up. As I write this I'm enjoying listening to the rain outside. Of course, that's because I'm inside. :-)

I finished the book Running on Empty last week. It's the tale of Marshall Ulrich running across the US (CA to NY) at age 57, averaging more than 2 marathons a day and setting masters' and grandmasters' records in the process. Quite the story. A very enjoyable and easy read. He was able to run through pain, injury, discord amongst the crewmembers. Marshall will be in Winona next week for a group run, book review and book signing. It's at The Book Shelf (162 W. 2nd St) at 5:30 P.M. I encourage you to attend!!

The TriRochester annual picnic is Sunday at the Maurer's home. More info on the TriRochester website.

Rochester Youth for Christ are again selling peaches (and pears) as a fundraiser. I've purchased a lug of peaches from them for the past several years and they are always DELICIOUS. They arrive in July or August depending on whether you order them from Georgia or Colorado. I ordered a lug from Georgia as I'm pretty sure I'll be in town that week. Here's the website: http://www.rochesterareayfc.org/

I had my knee X-rayed today. Haven't heard anything yet, but most likely I will not run the marathon on Saturday.

Until next time then ...

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Julie said...

Hi Renee,

How are you doing? I was wondering if you still had my e-mail address. I would love to chat with you about something. My computer at work does not remember your e-mail because my IT person came up and made some adjustments on my work computer. I do not have my SCRR information sheet with me at work today. If you have a moment please send me a line so that I can get back to you. I hope that you have a great day Renee!