Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good News

Well, I didn't run Grandma's marathon, didn't go up to spectate, and don't regret either decision. Trying to run a marathon while injured just wouldn't be in my best interest. So I joined Dave D., Jean, Mike, Meredith and Randy McK at Dunn Bros. for a 5 mile loop through Elton Hills/Asissi Heights. NO PAIN. I was thrilled!! It was really toasty this morning. I started cramping at 4.5 miles and later in the day still was cramping (hands, arms, legs, toes) so I decided no more workout for today. And took my bike in for a tune-up.

Looks like Duluth finally came through with ideal marathon weather. From what I saw there were some pretty fast times. Congrats to one and all!!

Yesterday morning I went for a long bike ride after riding 46 the night before.

My bad ... I didn't have breakfast first. Just a nectarine and half a cookie (I think). I had some granola bars with me. Ate one, but decided they just weren't going to do the trick. So I stopped at Kwik Trip in Stewartville for some calories. Nice morning for a ride, but there are a lot of bugs out there.

I saw this rather interesting contraption in High Forest. Push mower attached to a bike pulling something or other!

At about 45 miles, my legs were cramping really bad. Adductors. The ones that make me want to cry or scream. So very painful. I had to get off the bike several times to massage the cramps away. In the end, 70.44 miles. Kind of a tough ride. I was totally wiped out, and very hungry, for the rest of the day.
I'm losing an ash tree in the back yard so today I moved the hostas into the shade of some trees next to the garage. I think they'll be happy there.
Also mowed, put stuff on the ant hills, sprayed the weeds which are now getting rained on :-( and moved a rock border from around the tree getting cut down. It felt good to get all that stuff done.
Remember those fun fergalicious black shoes I tried on the other day? Now they're mine. $20 bucks at Famous Footwear. FUN.

Until next time.

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Julie said...

Yes! I love those shoes...super sexy! Give me a great pair of heels and I am a happy girl! That is a great deal that you got Renee:)