Thursday, June 9, 2011

Short and Sweet

Just a few minutes to post today.

Last night went to Hangover 2 with a couple of grilfriends. It was just as raunchy as the first one. But we did laugh a lot. :-) And we should have covered our eyes at some points. :-)

This morning: lifted, swam, ran a mile. I'm really feeling beat up. I dropped a rusty saw on Monday while trimming trees and it nicked my ankle. It bled a lot and I think I neglected to clean it up properly, other than just a shower. It's now sore and discolored. The spot where the flying thing bit me yesterday is still itchy and red and the redness is now about 2 1/2" in diameter. I finally made an appt. with a doctor for next week to see what's going on with my left knee and ankle. Don't know if I'll be able to run Grandma's or not. Time will tell.

This afternoon Julie and I went to the opener of Thursdays on First and Third. There was a big crowd. Temps were certainly cooler than earlier in the week but it was very pleasant to be out and about. I had a slice of vegeterian pizza from zPizza. That's it. Lots of other stuff looked tempting though. Especially the "Huge Cookies".

This evening I'm off to the RTC Board meeting. Not sure whether I'll drop by Team R.E.D. or not. Depends on what time the board meeting finishes up and how tired (and hungry) I am. I haven't prepared a dish to pass.

Take care.

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