Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Trip!

Ann-Kristin, Jean and I headed north on 52 this morning for a little girls' road trip. And what a nice day we had. First stop ... Run N' Fun on Randolph Ave in St. Paul.

Me and A-K

Always lots of fun stuff to look at. Then it was off to Penzey's Spices for my free Northwood's Seasoning.

And some kosher salt and Dutch-processed double dark cocoa for the killer Double Chocolate cookies I make. Next stop was the Shoester's Birkenstock store on Grand Ave. A-K's dog Sarah chewed one of her Birkenstocks when she was in the puppy chewing stage.

The selection was unbelievable. I had no idea they made so many different designs, colors, etc. I said this looked like Birkenstock nirvana. :-) And this isn't even all of them. There were three more walls of shoes. They're going to be moving to a new location down the street soon. Look for a sale ...

Yesterday I put something on Facebook about a suggestion for a lunch spot near the science museum. A couple of people (Cheri!) recommended Cossetta's (Italian) so that's where we went. It was FABULOUS. We all had the mostaccoli.

I got a slice of pizza to go (which I ate for dinner). Also FABULOUS. Glad I don't live around the corner from this place. That'd be really dangerous.

They also had a market.

Next stop was the Science Museum down the street where we saw the King Tut exhibit.

No photos were allowed inside the exhibit. I don't know my ancient history very well, but it was interesting. Some of those statues were more than 3000 years old. There was even a bed which belonged to Tutankhamun and the woven rattan top on the bed was still intact. Just one hole. Amazing. We also saw a movie called Mummies at the Omnitheatre. It was 2:00 PM. I have to confess that I slept through some, maybe a lot, of it. Jean said she looked over at A-K and her eyes were closed. Then she looked over at me and I was totally out. Oh my. After exiting the threatre, we were treated to a beautiful view of the river.

A-K and I had some fun with the headdresses in the gift shop. She said she'd buy it for me if I wore it in Grandma's marathon. Ha!! I politely declined. :-)

Next stop ... Midwest Mountaineering on Cedar Ave in Mpls. What a store!! Lots and lots of outdoorsy stuff ... kayaks, camping stuff, lots of clothing. Huge selection. Very fun store. There's an outlet store on the top floor.

I got this cute pink top and some flip flops.

Next stop? Mappes Coffee Shop next door. Then The Hub bike shop on the corner, connected to Midwest.

They had a bike skirt/shorts. Couldn't resist.

Then home. We got home about 7 PM. I fell asleep in the car. These two wore me out. :-) Anyway, it as a very fun day!!

I've decided to be a volunteer at Chester Woods on Saturday. Looks to be a really big crowd. I see my friend Lisa Hines from Waite Park (next to St. Cloud) is running. It'll be fun to see her! I'm sure there will be lots of familiar faces.

Having dinner at the Shonyo's on Saturday. John said to bring a side/salad/dessert. Or a live chicken. Ha!! He just got the cutest new chicken coop ...

All for now. Hugs. :-)


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