Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catchin Up ...

It's been a very busy weekend. And I'm very behind on my blogging. So I'll just just jump in with both feet. Here goes ...

Yesterday started wtih picking up my Paul Melby tank at Panera at 7:00. They look very nice. I was surprised to see that it was a photo I took of Paul last year at the Grandma's marathon expo that was on the front of the shirt. A poem from the inside cover of a bulletin from the visitation is on the back.

But the shirts ran very small and unfortunately mine is too tight, especially for a marathon. I'd consider wearing it for a 5K or slightly longer, but no more than that. I'd have serious chafing issues on the arm holes and it just doesn't stretch enough to make it comfortable. I feel bad. There should be lots of these shirts at Grandma's marathon, which is great. I think it would make Paul happy.

After that, I went to the pool to swim freestyle for an hour. Then I went to the Farmer's Market where I saw Mike and Benjamin.

I bought some bread, radishes and beets.

I had a big pile of branches on the patio that I started to chop into small pieces so they'd fit in a trash can.

Then Don Morrison stopped by to look at my trees, the Austrian Pine in particular.

Then I ran 12.14 miles. It's so slow it's pathetic. I haven't decided what I'll do about Grandma's yet. I don't know if I want a 6 hour marathon on my resume. I've run on the Grandma's course twice and been disappointed both times ... almost 5 hours in 2009 when I was injured and it was very hot and I started walking at about 9 miles (with occasional running in the next 7 or 8 miles) and a disappointing 1:38 half marathon last year. I wanted my next Grandma's experience to be a good one. But with the state of my knee/leg/ankle, I just don't know if it's a good idea to even try. I'll see what they say on Tuesday afternoon and not run for the next week and make by decision by the end of the week. Stay tuned.

Yesterday evening, Cindy and Katie stayed with me. They participated in Trinona this morning. They were up bright and early taking off for Winona about 5:45 AM.

This morning I also went over to Winona to watch the triathlon as I knew so many people participating. It was a beautiful morning ... sunny, little wind. I just love the energy and activity at a triathlon. WIth all the starting waves there was always someone to watch ... getting in or out of the water, on or off the bike, running and then finishing. Here are a few snapshots ...

Matt Maurer getting on the bike
The swim venue at Lake Winona
Bill, Joe, Mike, Meredith
Cindy's wave entering the water
Meredith getting ready for the swim
Transition area
Dan Valentine
Meredith again!!

Andy and Jenny

Sawra and Matt

Swim, Bike and Run :-)
Great job one and all! I'm proud of every single one of you for being out there and giving it your all!! Then it was home for a 10.00 mile "run" and then off to Bee's Knees Honey (aka the Shonyo's) for a lovely afternoon.

Rick had purchased a dinner here at the Lace-Up silent auction back in February and I was very lucky to be included on the guest list. (Thank you Rick!)

We had a few raindrops on and off but that didn't take away any of the fun of being together and learning more about beekeeping. And let's not forget the delicious dinner!

The afternoon also included a walk with Zella (the Shonyo's dog).

I brought cookies and cherry pie.

Well, I've got a pie to make for tomorrow evening (my Cooking Light group). And I got about 4 hours sleep last night. Time to call this quits. Good night friends.

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