Monday, April 5, 2010


Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to volunteer for the Fetzer. Just in the last 24 hours ... Lori, Laura, Don, Bruce, Ann, George, Jean, Pete, Eric, Maddie, Jen, Will, Cathy, Jon, Matt, Sawra. Now I have volunteers at every intersection on the course which is wonderful because I don't have to spray chalk all over the place and there should be NO confusion about where to run. My volunteers ROCK!! Thank you all. The weather sounds perfect for distance running ... cool and clear. 135 registered as of yesterday.

I'm getting things checked off my things to do list. I'll just work my way through the list, and it'll be fine. There are so many little things to remember ... I'd be hopelessly lost without my list. Luckily I double-checked with Fuel Belt today ... they hadn't gotten my fax apparently, but they're shipping me some belts for prizes today. Whew! I think I need to dream up some fun thing to do on Saturday when it's all behind me. I'll ponder it. : ) BTW: It's Andy Hemenway's B-day on Saturday. Wish him well when you see him!!

I just got a call from my step-brother who lives in Clive, IA just outside West Des Moines. We chattd for quite a while. He's taken up running in the last couple weeks as a result of reading my blog. How cool is that?? I'm quite honored, actually.

A friend asked me if I'd donate a dessert for a dessert auction on April 25 for Rideability. I said sure thing. From her email: "We could use all the desserts we can get...and just is a whole segment of the community that has gone untapped for the Renee Cookie/Dessert Fan Club." : ) Flattery will get you ... a donated dessert, Leslie!

LaRee and I stopped at the spaghetti fundraiser at Edina Realty this evening. Betsy Baartman was a guest speaker at Lace-Up both this year and last, and is a breast cancer survivor (and a wonderul friend). Her daughter is walking in the 3-day cancer walk and is trying to earn her required $2300 in pledges and organized this event along with a friend and fellow walker. Laura and Todd and Sam and Abby were there, so that was fun!

The guys got their monthly cookie drop at the Y at noon. What a wonderful day for a run! It was beautiful outside (at that time, anyway). Two new runners I hadn't met ... Steve in the orange shirt in the back, and Matt on the far right. Good sized group for noon!! Jim, Dan, Jamie, Don, K.C., Steve, Jim, Matt.

I'd thought about joining them, but didn't. I'm trying to be good and taper!! I ran my morning route, but didn't do any hill repeats on Lenwood Dr. 11.22 miles. Slow. Just under 9 minute pace.

A couple things to pass along: From Mike Schmitt, a link to a new challenge ... Boston and Big Sur on the same weekend. From Paul Melby: Garmin GPS on for $120. The Running Room 20-minute challenge is open for registration. It's July 21. Free registraion. Free hat. Just run or walk for 20 minutes. Register online.

Some friends and I are going to get tickets for Wicked at the Orpheum on 8/21. I've wanted to see this for a couple years. Have heard such good things about the show. Read the book for book club a while ago.

All for today. G'night.

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