Friday, April 9, 2010

And FUN It Was

What a hoot! The Girls of Team R.E.D. totally rocked our stylin' new mesh shirts last night at the Bear's Den. TOTALLY!!

It all started with a comment a while ago from Tom O' about XS mesh shirts for the girls. And it wasn't happenin'. So we made it happen in a very fun way.

It started with a little shirt crafting evening at my house on Wednesday.

We started with those pinnies or whatever they're called that you wear in gym glass to designate who's on what team. They're super wide and elasticized on the bottom. We cut off the elastic and then started cutting off fabric and stitching them back together. And then decorating. We individualized them, letting some personality come through in our new Team R.E.D. attire. :-)

I'm not quite sure what everyone at Bear's Den thought when we came strutting out of the women's rest room ... but we sure had fun with it. I think Tom O' counted 29 for the post-run festivities. That's got to be close to a record. I'm sure it was the curiousity about what the girls were up to that brought them out of the woodwork. :-) Here's the group that walked and ran.

Welcome to new member Andy.

Tom O' sure has a good thing goin' here. :-) I tried my hand at Rock/Paper/Scissors and totally blew it again.

Here's Randy with Lori, our super nice server.

For a few minutes, talk turned a little serious and heart-felt. Paul Melby said that sometime last year before this all got going he thought I was this "running goddess" and had seen me at Target, afraid to approach me I guess, but thinking that it would sure be nice to know me. I know I'm tooting my horn a little, but that was just the sweetest thing for him to say. He was being sincere, and I was humbled and so flattered. He's a sweetheart, so I gave him a little smacker on the cheek. :-)

All in fun, but he is really a nice, fun-loving, fast-running! guy. I treasure these friendships.

Well, I better get moving. I've got a pretty busy 29 hours coming to me. 174 registered for the Fetzer. With the favorable weather predicted, I think it will be a really good day.

Talk at you later friends.

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Julie said...

Hi Renee,
Wowzer lady, you look hot in that cute black skirt and red running shirt!! I would love to have those rocking legs of yours:) Looks like you all had a great time!! Fun post!