Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun, fun, fun!!

There's never a lack of laughs when we all get together! And last night was no exception. We met at 5:30 at S.F. to run hills. Well, some of us ran hills. I did 4. Some just ran the flats. Anyway, after we ran, we sampled the 2 Whoopie Pies I brought back from Maine. Tom Woo said they looked like a giant Ding Dong. That brought out a few yucks!! But they tasted OK. Then ... Randy had this old chair in back of his truck that he's going to dispose of. So a couple of them got the idea to unload it ... right into the back end of Marv's truck as a joke. Pretty funny. I also delivered Noah his blueberry pie. He was a volunteer extraordinaire at Fetzer, so he got a pie for his efforts. :-) And ... he said he'd join us for hills next Tuesday. Sweet!! Then, it was off to Brother's for more fun. And guess what? Mike and Jessica Schmitt are going to have a baby girl!! Yippee!! It's the first girl in the family in quite some time. They're not going to share the name yet, though. Something has to be kept secret! More run 'n fun on Thursday at 5:30 pm at Brother's. 6 miles or so. Or meet at Bear's Den in Byron at 7 pm for 6 or less miles.

Yesterday I got caught up on a few week's worth of Post-Bulletins. I  noticed that they published one of my recipes on 4/13. It's for a salad, the one that I brought to Lace-Up Against Breast Cancer on Sunday. Here's the link. There was also a very nice article about Mike Torchia who runs for the U of M and is a really nice, bright young man.

This morning, an early morning 9 miler with Lisa, Bruce and Mark. Brrrr ... it was flippin' freezin' out there. I was totally underdressed and never warmed up. Even going up Viola hill. Today, a haircut is on tap. It's so relaxing to have someone else shampoo my hair. :-) Tonight, book club up by Elgin. Tomorrow at 8:30 am, I do the radio PSA for Med-City Marathon. I've never done a radio interview before. A few TV ... but this will be a first. I think it'll be interesting to see the process. Not nervous at all.

I guess I better get ready for work. Enjoy the sunshine. It's a beautiful day!

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