Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Musings

Well. I've made my decision. My legs feel great. I feel great. I'm going to run the Spring Classic 15K on Saturday. It's my favorite race distance and it's part of the RTC Grand Prix. I'm running Wobegon for fun (and for a fun road trip with my peeps ... Andy, Trevor and Roger!). So ... all good. :-) One decision out of the way.

This morning I ran early. Left the house about 6 AM. The sunrise was beautiful and there was a rainbow in the western sky. I ran my Monday course minus hill repeats. All was well until I got over by the Zumbro soccer fields. I was running against traffic, on the shoulder, and this grey truck moves about a foot closer to where I was running and guns his engine. Jerk. Made me jump off the shoulder. Jerk. I turned around and there was no one coming from the other direction. I don't know why people do that kind of stuff. I also decided that my current shoes feel really flat. No cush left. So I need to break in a new pair right quick. Before Wobegon.

A short time later Marie Boyd and I greeted each other. I also noticed some Virginia bluebells blooming. Which means that the Mayowood trail just might be spectacular on Saturday. :-) When I got to the top of Fox Valley Dr SW, Dr. Mulvagh, otherwise known as super-sweet Sharon :-), stopped to chat for a second. When I got home I saw 2 female wild turkeys wandering around. And 2 deer. A good day for sightings. Just a short time ago I saw Erin Carey running with the dog by the mall and then Matt and Sawra Maurer on Folwell. Matt was adjusting Sawra's derailleur cable. They obliged me with a pic.

Supper was a salad ...

and Creamy Asparagus Soup (a Cooking Light recipe).

Last night we had a Lace-Up Against Breast Cancer meeting at Laura's house. Lots of good discussion regarding the focus, mission, etc.

Angie, Kristin, Laura

Laura, Amy

Mike, Randy

John, Sarah

Lin, John

I still have some leftover clothing items from Fetzer. If anything looks familiar, give me a jingle.

Jim Mason gave me a really nice sweatshirt with his Chester Woods race logo on it. Runners will get the embroidered caps. The race is June 5, and it's a lot of fun and a really good workout. 5K and 10 mile options. Check out his blog:

Well, gotta run! Toodles.


BertR25596 said...
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Team R.E.D. said...

Woo hoo! Love to have you in the Spring Classic Field! See you there! Tom O'