Friday, April 9, 2010

10 Hours

In 10 hours, the first (female) runners will be making their way around the Fetzer 20K course. It's exciting, but tiring too even when things are going well. There are so many little details to keep track of. Got more registrations tonight at Running Room (I'm too tired to download, shrink and post pix tonight). I'm up to 225 and hopefully there will be more tomorrow.

I got some photos from Lorraine Benike today. Jim is running the Zumbro Bottoms 100-miler, as is Brian Woods from St. Cloud.

I forgot to mention that last night's run at Bear's Den was 6 miles. And the new Team R.E.D. member is Adam, not Andy. (My brain is mush these days.) And it's Andy Becker that has a milestone b-day this weekend, not Tracy. Sorry 'bout the boo-boos.

My sister emailed today looking for a cupcake and frosting recipe for a cupcake challenge at work on Monday. I just can't think cupcakes at this moment. Maybe tomorrow I'll come up with something for her. Something decorated cute for spring.

Wishing a speedy recovery to my friend Cindy in St. Cloud that had a torn meniscus surgically repaired this morning. She is a year or so younger than me and is my marathon idol. She can crank out fast marathons like nobody's business. Get well soon, Cindy!!

Here's another fun picture from last night that Randy took. It's me and Bri with Paul C., Tom and Paul M. in the background.

Well, I'm really tired and tomorrow is the big day. My thought for the day: "Smile. It's contagious."

Good night.

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