Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the Air

This morning, I did my little PSA for The Fox, 102.5. I met Brenda Kulow-King from the Y at the station.

Me, Brenda, Dave
 We did it in one take. Dave will, of course, do a little editing on it before it goes on the air.

 Those "pregnant pauses" and "um"s just won't cut it! But ... I think we did good! It was fun and just took about 10 minutes. So stay tuned on Sunday morning, and throughout the coming weeks before the marathon for Brenda and I dishing on the Med-City marathon. :-)

Last night for book club we gathered at Jill's house. She lives up near Elgin.

Paula, Carol, Jill

The book for April was Gourmet Rhapsody by Muriel Barbery, who is also the author of Elegance of the Hedgehog. We had a small group, but it was a lovely evening nevertheless. I hadn't read the book. My bad. But we don't have a rule against attending without having read the book, so ... all good. :-) I enjoyed all the good food ...

and conversation with good friends.

Margo, Nancy, Kathryn

Thursday evening brought a run at Brother's for a few of us.

We ran up to Quarry Hill and ran the ski trails.

It's pretty in the woods, but there is a sewer construction/pond enlargement project going on so it's a bit torn up out there.

But we still had a nice run.

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here...

Or here. :-)

Then it was back to Brothers ...

for the food 'n fun.

And our server Tina. She's a doll. :-)

It'll be a busy few days coming up. Saturday morning bring's the Spring Classic 15K. The weather sounds great for racing my favorite distance. Nice and cool. Hope to see LOTS of you there. Jean has made hundreds of monster cookies ... and they need to be consumed!! Thanks in advance to everyone who's volunteering. We wouldn't have anything on the race calendar were it not for volunteers.

Sunday morning, Andy, Trevor, Roger and I are taking a little road trip up to Avon/St. Joe to run the last 10 miles of the Lake Wobegon marathon. They want to see what they've gotten themselves into. I've told them it's paved, flat, and fast. But they want to see it for themselves. So ... I'm tagging along. :-) It'll be great fun. PS: Carlo Biondolillo is going to be running Wobegon too. Hip, hip, hooray!!

Well, it's definitely time to turn in. More tomorrow.

G'night all!

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