Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday ... Already!

The weekend is flying by. And I don't feel I've made too much progress on my Things To Do list. Of course, that's nothing new. I pretty much always have more to do than the hours in the day will permit me to accomplish.

Let's start with Saturday's long run from the RAC. It was raining, so the number of runners was down significantly. But some of us die hards went out anyway. The course was 21'ish. I didn't really have a plan as to what I'd run. I'd just see how it went and decide at some point during the run when it was time to shut 'er down and head back. The course took us up to 52, down by Assissi Heights, around the lake to the NE, down to Bear Creek, Pinewood Road, Marion Road, Mayo H.S., Apache Mall, 2nd St SW, West Circle Drive. Well, I was feeling pretty darn good considering I'd run a marathon on Monday. So I just hung with it ... for 18.50 miles. Randy and I finished together in 2:31. Pretty good long run in the rain, I'd say. I felt great. Nothing hurt. Plenty of energy. And I feel great today. (5 mile run, 1 hour swim, lifted.) That means I had WAY to much left at the finish line in Beantown. Go figure. Well, I guess I'm good to go for Lake Wobegon. And I have to decide sometime this week whether I'm running Spring Classic 15K or volunteering ... It's my favorite race distance. :-)

Afterwards, Randy and Tom W. and I went to Brothers for breakfast. I figured I'd earned a walnut pancake, so that was brunch.

Randy and Tom had omelettes.

Kudos to Jeff Pasternak who also ran Boston on Monday (and was screaming through the course yesterday!). He ran a 3:11 marathon P.R. there ... incredible.

My friend Tim Wolfram from St. Cloud sent me this photo from New York, where he went after leaving Boston Tuesday. It's him with Meb Keflezghi who was the fifth finish at the BoMa. So he's met both Meb and Ryan in the past week. Wow!!

Well, after not baking for a week (yikes!) I got a chance to catch up on Saturday afternoon. My friend Leslie had asked me for a donation for a Rideability dessert auction. So I made a killer chocolate cake recipe from Cook's Illustrated which I spruced up a little (and gave her some cookies as well). I had to stop at HyVee on the way home from Brothers and get a dozen eggs, a pint of heavy cream and 16 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate. I asked the guy at the register if that was the most unhealthy order of the day so far. He thought it probably was. The gal in front of me laughed. :-)

Here are the goods on display :-)

Matt had a choir concert in Winona last night. It was very good. The second half was Baroque music with harsichord accompaniment which I really enjoy. Here's a photo of a guy playing an anvil. Comical.


Running options for Tuesday: SW Rochester hill run. Meet at 5:30 PM by the Soldier's Field Memorial. .66 mile warm-up and then you decide which hills you want to run, and the number of repeats. Option 2: Jim Mason is organizing a trail run around Willow Creek Reservoir (probably a couple laps). A map can be found on Jim's blog.

Well, we have a Lace-Up Against Breast Cancer meeting shortly so I better change. I'm bringing a berry/cream pie ...

and a salad.

Quote for the day: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' Acts 20:35



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