Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mornin'. I'm dragging today. I need more sleep. Let's back up ...

Friday. I met my friends Jeanne and Mary for lunch. It was what I think is now my last birthday celebration. :-) I've been celebrating for almost 3 weeks now! Anyway, we met at TGI Friday's. Once again, I got photos of the food, but not one of us. (I actually got one of Jeanne but it wasn't very flattering--her mouth was wide open--so she told me not to post that one.) I had a pecan-crusted chicken salad:

Jeanne had some kind of chicken sandwich ...

And Mary had something like "Wonton Salad" or something close.

When we get together for birthdays, one of us always makes a cake (or pie). This time, it was Mary's turn. She used her brand new Oreo-style cake pans and made me a very fun cake that looks just like a giant sandwich cookie.

We always have fun when we get together, and Friday was no exception. Soon enough, it was time for me to leave to take a shift at Running Room. Business was fairly steady. When there wasn't a customer in the store, I spent the time getting the store in ship-shape--hangers all hanging like a ?, sizes hanging S-XL front to back, all like items hanging together, "bottoms" hung correctly on hangers, etc.

Looking for a stocking stuffer this holiday? How about stockings?

Or nutrition?

Or now that the weather has turned seasonably wintry, some nice warm mittens?

(The ones on the bottom are the kind I wore yesterday during my long run. It was 11 degrees when I left the house at 5:35 AM. My hands actually got a little bit sweaty for a couple of miles. They really are "warmest" as the hanger indicates.)

There's still time to register for the Resolution Run 5K on January 1. Registration is online only. Runners get this bright, warm jacket for registering. Monies go to the Y Strong Kids campaign.

After my shift, it was time to start working on post-run carbs for Saturday morning. First on the agenda was a cinnamon streusel coffee cake.

Then peanut butter cookies for Tom O'Leary for his correct answers for the "Where Is It?" contest in RTC News. (BTW: Lana Lappi also guessed correctly yesterday and she too will win cookies! Her choice: M&M.) Tom's choice was Peanut Butter Cookies.

As already mentioned, Saturday morning brought the coolest running temps we've had in quite a while. But I bundled up (hat, neck gaiter, Under Armor top, thermal top, heavy jacket, "warmest" mittens, long johns, pants and crew socks) and I was good to go. Dressed just right, if not a bit warm on my torso. I put in 11 miles beginning at 5:45 AM before returning to Dunn Bros to meet the others at 7:30.

We ran the same route we ran on Thanksgiving--around the Baihly hill, up to the Cascade Lake trail, back to Dunn Bros. which is 7 miles. Some added another 3 miles by going out to Bamber Valley school and back in on 16th St SW. I tanked somewhere around 15 miles. Totally out of gas. I couldn't get my package of Sport Beans open, with or without mittens. My water bottle was frozen closed. I was fading fast. I finally came upon Jean, Laura, Kristin, Tom, Roger, ... at 2nd St SW and Roger graciously opened my Sport Beans for me (it wasn't trivial--thank goodness they have revamped their packaging a bit since I purchased this pack). So the beans got me back to Dunn Bros. I got the coffee cake out of the car and inside, then went back out, running toward where I knew Randy, Dan, Trevor and Marilee would be coming from. When I met them I turned around and went back to socialize.

 I had 19.09 miles in at that point. After induling in some coffee cake and water, I felt much better. So when I got home I ran a few more (there was no way I was not getting to at least 20 miles!) until I at last had 23.02. I momentarily contemplated running a few more, but thought, Why? So I quit. Took me 3:28.

Then it was off to Glynner's Pub for the last Tri-Rochester social outing for 2009 as well as club elections.

Look for election results later in the week on the TriRochester website. Good luck to all those running for a position, and thank you for being willing to serve.

Late afternoon brought me a short nap. I was sleepy and had a solo drive to Winona for a 7:00 PM Handel's Messiah Sing-In and I knew I would be late getting home. The concert was very enjoyable.

RTC member Dr. Suzanne Draayer (long maroon gown) was a soprano soloist. Gues conductor for some of the number was Weston Noble, a fixture at Luther College for 57 years. He directed the Nordic Choir from 1948 to 2005. I really enjoyed singing some of the choruses from Messiah after so many years.

(Thank you Jeanne for the Lorie Line piano music!)

So that was yesterday. Today will be a bit slower. Open House birthday party, some kind of workout (most likely swim, and/or possibly a walk), Viking vs. Cardinals at 5:20 PM, baking the last installment of "Cookies of the Month" for 2009, a few errands to run (I try to avoid shopping on the weekends in December, but I can't avoid it today), ...

BTW: Tomorrow begins the online auction for 6 dozen homemade Holiday Cookies on the RTC website. I provide the cookies. $ go towards Fetzer 20K prize money. Bid high. Bid often.

Well, I better get ready for 8:00 church.

Quote for the day: "“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.” -- Helen Keller