Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Big Day :-)

Yup, today was the big "6th Annual Fun Run and Beer Exchange". I ran. I ate. I exchanged beer. :-) It was fun, I have to say. Our social director didn't even show up! I got started just after 6:00 and ran 11 miles before heading back to the Y to meet up with the others. I neglected to get a running photo. Sorry about that. We ran the 5K route around the neighborhood surrounding the Y (and I ran .9 extra to get in 15), cleaned up and then headed over to Brother's Bar & Grill for breakfast. It was packed in there. Mayor Brede was at the table next to us. I guess he's in there every week. I hadn't been there for breakfast before, but I will go back. I looked at the menu and ordered oatmeal, but then re-considered having pancakes after K.C. ordered a walnut pancake. They can be ordered in quantity: 1 or 2. I thought it sounded skimpy until someone had me turn around and look at one. It was bigger than a plate. Ginormous!! And looked delicious. So I changed my order to a walnut pancake. It was delicious.

Just look at it compared to my fork!! In attendance: K.C., Dan, Jim, Jerry, Tom, John and not pictured, Andrew.

After we ate, it was back out to the parking lot and the tailgate of K.C.'s pick-up to exchange bottles.

So here's what I ended up with:

I have to share some absolutely gorgeous photos with you. They're from Kathy Mathiasen, a River Runner friend. She is such a talented photographer. The horses are her own. So strong and powerful, but peaceful at the same time. I love these photos and thank you Kathy for sharing them, and letting me share them with others.

So what did I do for excitement on a Saturday evening? Cleaned all the drawers in my kitchen--took everything out, wiped them out and sorted the contents. Cleaned the oven, including the 3 racks (I do not like that job). Cleaned the microwave. Cleaned the sink. Very glad to get it done. Yesterday I got FrontPage loaded on my computer and today, with Pat Ross's help, was able to access the River Runners site and make my first post. :-) One of the things I want to do is add a page for the USATF team circuit races. A good project for next week.

Just a reminder that Runner of the Year nominations are due by January 4. Information is on the RTC website and nominations can be sent to the RTC president. The award, along with many others, is presented at the annual banquet which will be February 6, 2010. More info on the banquet is on the RTC website as well.

I'll close with the back of a T-shirt that was spotted at Brothers' this morning:

"The faster you run, the faster you're done". :-) How true.

Wishing you every happiness during the holidays.

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Julie said...

Thanks for the info on the Lace UP Half:) What would you do if you were me....the most that I have ever run at a time is 10 miles. I am signed up for several half marathons but don't know if I should train more and give myself a little more time. Do you think that the Lace Up is a good first half?