Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lakes Country Tri

My Results:

Age group result: 4/15
Swim (1/2 mile): 20:43 :-( (Zig-zagged all over the place. But I survived)
T1: 2:50 :-( (Trouble getting the wetsuit off.)
Bike (17.3 miles): 50:52 (avg speed 20.4 mph)
T2: 0:40
Run: (3.9 miles): 27:30 (pace 7:04)
Overall time: 1:42:33

Lakes Country Triathlon results. Really wasn't up for this event as I was very tired (2 hours sleep the night before) and almost backed out when I was standing in the water waiting for the swim. But I'm glad I did it. Also participating was my ever-present cheerleader, Shaun Palmer. :-)

And my St. Cloud River Runner buddies: Amy, whose birthday is today, and

Denise and Kathy. We rode up together.

More tomorrow. I'm VERY tired. :-) (Thank you Arvid for sharing your photos!)

Good night.

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