Wednesday, August 12, 2009


That's what it was in the pool this morning. Frustrating. Another coach, Brian, was there as John is out of town for several weeks. He was very nice, and very helpful. He told me I should really be breathing on both sides, every third stroke. I knew that but wasn't doing much about it. Wasn't doing anything about it is more like it. I'd tried to breathe to the left and it was totally awkward, which it was today as well. I felt like I was drowning. I swear my head doesn't turn that direction. Actually, that's one of the problems. I should be turning from the hips, not the head. He also had a tip about arm position for the pull--keep the elbows above the wrists. Swimming is incredibly technical and I have to think constantly while in the pool. And there are so many things to think about, I feel like I'll never be able to put it all together. I'm very competitive and have perfectionist tendencies and swimming is really testing those personality attributes! Anyway, it was a frustrating swim. But I'm very appreciative of the time and assistance that Brian devoted to me this morning. I'll be back!

Spotted this morning on the track doing speedwork--Tom-Tom, as in Woo-O'Leary. Also with them was new RTC member Paul Melby.

So this afternoon I went for a 36.99 mile bike ride since I felt like I'd gotten no exercise in the pool. It was a beautiful summer day. I rode the Salem Corners, Rock Dell, High Forest loop which I really like, since the wind was from the south. The wind turbines on the ridge south of County 6 were spinning pretty good. It felt great to go north. Spotted bike riding--Tom Williamson. Didn't get a good look at who was with him (2 gals) but I'm guessing daughter Michelle was one of them. They were coming into town as I was heading out to Salem Corners.

I had to go to the Government Center today for work and in the entryway were some teenagers from the corrections department, along with some kind of supervisor, selling fresh veggies. The pea pods looked very good, so I got some. Two boxes for $3.

It was a good deal, and if this in some way helped to make a difference in the life of a troubled youth, I was all too happy to support it. So for dinner I make teriyaki chicken with pea pods on basmati rice. Yummy.

I had 3 bananas that were way past edible, so I made chocolate chip/walnut/banana bread. The recipe is in my recipe blog.

We decided to put off the Julie & Julia movie until Sunday or Monday. We were too tired and busy for tonight to be much fun.

Matt dug the rest of the potatoes for me today. The tops were long gone so he had to virtually dig up two rows (of dirt) to find them. What a great kid. I'm so happy for his willingness to help.

A friend just returned from a trip to Maine and stopped at the King Arthur Flour store in Vermont (I am SO jealous ... King Arthur Flour "stuff" is a favorite of mine!) and brought me this T-shirt. I love it. It's so me. Just perfect. :-)

A few reminders for Thursday activities: A Beer Run at 5:30 at Glynner's Pub on North Broadway. T.N.T (Thursday Night Triathlon) at 6:30 PM at Foster Arends.

Next Wednesday at 6:30 PM at my house (2026 Kal Lane SW): packet assembly for the Rochester Half Marathon & 5K. We've got about 400 registered for the half and 100 for the 5K.

Thought for the day: "We are not at our best when we are perched at the summit; we are at our best climbing--even when the way is steep."

Happy trails.

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bakers said...

Hi Renee,
Glad you are lovin' the shirt. I just bought mine the other day. Time for you to come up to Vermont to see the store for yourself.

MaryJane @ King Arthur Flour