Thursday, May 7, 2009

Morning Musings

Morning! I don't usually post in the morning, but as I'm done with working out for the week, this turned out to be a good time to get this done. Might be the last post until after the TCM 1 Mile this evening and the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon on Saturday. But, 'ya never know. I'm feeling a bit like I'm getting a cold ... I sure hope not. This is NOT the time to get the crud!!

Mike, Benjamin and Jessica Schmitt hosted a Rochester Track Club table for the kids at Family Fun Night on Tuesday evening...they had over 50 kids try the long jump! They handed out brochures for All Comers, the Kids Triathlon and Med City Kids Marathon. Jessica said they had a blast!

Even the celebrity guest, Miss Rosa from PBS Kids, tried out their long jump.

There are still openings for Grandma's Marathon and registration will stay open until June 1 or until all spots are filled.

I have a few XL Fetzer shirts left over. Let me know if you'd like one. They're $6.

Congrats to Margaret Dougherty who also ran the Run Around Woman Lake 30K and took 2nd in her age division! She might be writing a story for the July issue of RTC News. Her arm is presently being twisted. She works in Communications at Mayo so she'd be a natural!

My son Matt and a few friends went hiking up Sugar Loaf Mountain and Garvin Heights in Winona earlier in the week. They got some great photos. Here are a couple (that's Matt below):

I swam yesterday. Judy, Melissa, Jason and Shaun were at the pool as well. As were a number of other people. I decided to get out of my wet suit and lift before heading back to swim my laps as there were no free lanes when I got there and no good prospects for sharing a lane. I had a good swim. 3 new PRs: 1/4 mile in 9:28, 1 mile in 42:49 and 51 laps in one hour. :-)

Enjoy the beautiful day!

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