Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Hope I Didn't Overdo It

Spent the entire day working out in the yard. It looks great. But ... maybe I did too much the day before a half marathon. Time will tell. I don't plan to PR tomorrow at the Mpls. Half Marathon ...

just to get the distance in and hopefully feel good and even get some extra miles in by going back out on the course looking for my friends. Anyway ... today I weeded, trimmed dead branches from trees and bushes, took out 5 bushes, transplanted some bleeding hearts, ...

got mulch and spread it out, ...

and planted the last of my flowers,

switched out the (heavy!) glass for a screen on the storm door, ... and still have more projects I need to do (trim the hedge next to the garage, redo the landscaping on the corners of the back yard, paint the fence in my perennial bed). Everything is nice and green after getting a nice rain this week. Some of my Siberian irises are starting to bloom. They should be very pretty in a couple of days.

My big hostas are now fully open. They're in the shade on the east side of the house. You can see how big the leaves are in comparison to my shoe.

Presently, I'm baking cookies for tomorrow. Two kinds: white chocolate/macadamia nut (fabulous!) ...

and chocolate chip.

Yesterday, I went up to Mpls. and worked the expo for Running Room.

The expo was outdoors in the Shed at The Depot and was very small, ...

but we were VERY busy. I worked the register and didn't feel like I ever stopped ringing up purchases.

Well, these are the friends that I know of that are running either the full or the half tomorrow: Judy Weller (happy 50th tomorrow, Judy!), Cathy Torgerson, Chris O'Brien, Dave Phillips, Suzanne LaPalm, Sherry Boutcher, and lots of St. Cloud River Runners. Cathy and I are riding up together and will have lunch with the River Runners after they finish the full marathon. Should be a really fun day. I'm looking forward to it.

Well, I've got a lot more to post, but I'll save that for tomorrow. It's almost 9:00 and my alarm is set for 3:45 AM. :-) Yikes!

Quote for the day: “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” --George S. Patton

Until tomorrow ... I am your ever faithful Ramblin' Renee.

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