Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Minnesota

Today is Minnesota's birthday, as it was made a state 151 years ago. Fun facts to know and tell, I guess!

Jean Murray asked me to pass along "her appreciation for her colleagues in this evening's trashfest: Joanne and Dennis Johnson, Tom O'Leary, Julie Murray and Karla Behringer. Delightful evening of trash and conversation, followed by some delightful beer and more conversation. Guess who did most of the talking?? Ha! The conversation included the observation that you have a kick-@$$ blog, so I know they will see it if you can fit this in!" (HA! Thanks, guys. ;-)

Well, at the Y this morning Brian Erwin told me that my blog made Mike Dougherty's column in the P-B on Friday. Who'd a thunk it?? But it's pretty cool. Thanks Mike! Here's the link.

I heard that Judy Weller ran a PR at Ice Age Ultra this weekend. 50 miler I think. Judy is on a PR roll this spring!! Congrats.

Cooking Light was delicious this evening. Laura Lenz chose a wonderful menu for us to enjoy. Everything was worth making again. Faves? I'd have to say the risotto and a close second the poppy seed cake. Here are photos:

I made the recipe that Mike Schmitt sent me: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

The recipe is a little unorthodox (browned butter, continuously swirled followed by whisking and resting the wet ingredients multiple times). But it does make for one delicous cookie, I must say. And they're BIG!! The whole recipe was to make 16 cookies, but I made 18.

I made cookies for the Out of the Sun Run volunteers on Friday. I'll be helping at a 10K water stop. See you there??!!

Quote for the day: "I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back." --Maya Angelou



Let's Cure Type 1 !! said...

RE: trash pickup... Who did most the talking? yeeeee hawwwww!

Julie Murray said...

Howdy Renee! Your blog is very cool and delisious too! Have you entered any bloggers contests? Heard about a gal who blogged herself to being a winner of a year in Australia working as a pro for a salary!!