Sunday, May 1, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

Literally, and figuratively. Yesterday was just one of those kind of days. I went to HyVee in the early evening to get a few things. After eating supper I decided I'd go for a walk since the sun was shining for a few precious minutes.

Well I walked around the front of the car and for some reason looked down at the front wheel on the passenger side. It was in the process of going flat. :-( Argghhh .... Tires Plus was already closed, so off came the wheel so I could put on the spare. It seemed to take forever to jack up the car. This was the second time I'd used the jack ... the first time was a few years ago in a parking ramp downtown.

The offender? A roofing nail. Off to get a tire patching kit ...

So out came the nail, and in went a plug.

It's pretty slick how it works. You just ream it out, push in this sticky thing with another tool and cut it off flush with the tread.

I pumped it up with my bike tire pump. THAT was a lot of work. It's NOTHING to pump up a bike tire. Pumping this thing must have taken 10 minutes just to get to 29 lbs. pressure. I must say I worked up a sweat.

Then I had to jack up the car again, take off the spare and put on the wheel. It was now getting on toward 9:00. So much for my walk. But at least I got the tire fixed.

BTW ... Happy May Day. I bought some flowers at Trader Joe's this morning. I love fresh flowers.

I'm thinking that maybe by June these daffodils will open ...

I ran outside this morning. This is my Facebook status when I returned: Livin' the Good Life ... just ran 10.01 miles watching the snowflakes merrily dancing  horizontally in the wind, wishing I'd worn warmer gloves, bemoaning the fact that I didn't wear a face mask, hoping there's still a sun above the clouds, when my theme song Fat Bottomed Girls plays on my iPod. Yeah, Living' the Good Life ... SOOOOO sick of the November-like weather.

This evening, those that had run Boston that could make it came over for dinner. It was a lot of fun recounting the marathon, travel woes, touristy things ... a very fun evening!

On the menu: chicken enchiladas, asparagus and pea risotto, walnut bread, Kristin's delicious salad, and angel food cake with strawberries (and cookies of course!).
Good night all ...

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