Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh What Fun It Is ...

... to Run!!

I ran 21.17 miles this morning, and there was nothing pretty about it. It was warm, humid and windy. And I wasn't well hydrated or fueled. But the weekend belongs to a very nice guy and very talented runner.

... to Win!!

My buddy Ron Giles who won the Med-City Marathon yesterday in a time of 2:44:41.

I am so happy for him. He worked very hard for this win. I am glad that he won it this year, when the race was given a huge shot in the arm by Wally and Peg. It was a first-class event and I highly recommend it for next year!!

... to Volunteer!

I started the day at 4:30 AM when the alarm went off so that I could get to Byron by 5 AM for packet pick-up.

The day turned out to be very favorable ... cool, cloudy, not too windy. Had today's weather rolled in yesterday instead it would have been miserable. I didn't do much volunteering in Byron actually as there were plenty of volunteers. I guess I mostly walked around chatting with friends and taking pictures. :-)

My camera stash!

The Chatty Chicks

Team R.E.D.

Jim and Paul
After watching the start, ...

Pacer Joe

Pacer Jim
I went home to get warmer clothes on ... pants, a next-to-skin top, my volunteer T, a hooded sweatshirt and a jacket. Perfect running weather. :-) Then I watched the runners at 2nd St and County 22 for a few minutes before heading to my course marshal location.

Half marathon leader

Ian Lanza

Ron Giles
Jeff Pasternak

Laura Lenz
Then it was out to my post on 11th Ave NE and 9th St.

Thats' Kevin on the right. I can't remember the officer's name on the left. We chatted quite a bit when the runners weren't coming through. When Ron came by here he was still in second place by about a minute and a half. But I knew the leader wasn't going to be able to maintain that pace for almost 13 more miles. I was hoping that Ron would run the race he'd planned and not try to catch him. And that's exactly what he did. Ron caught him right at 20 miles. :-) Hoo rah!! I posted a video clip from Jose of Ron finishing on Facebook and it should be visible to everyone. There's a lot of emotion in that roughly one minute of footage. I don't know who's happier ... Ron or Wally and Peg. And that's a pretty neat thing ...

I've got lots of photos which I should put on a slideshow. I have way to many to post individually. But here's a fun one of Jim Li.

When the last runner came by, I went to the finish. Peg let me in the finish area so I could give Ron a big hug. Thank you Peg. Then I made my way over to the circle drive. Here's a cute photo of Sara.

... To be Part of a Team!!

Here are the Team R.E.D. relay teams celebrating their accomplishments for the day.

I went home, changed into running clothes and then made my way back to the finish line by 12:30 to see Ron and the Fab 4 get their awards. Trevor, Jeff, Dan and Andy won the 4-person relay. Hoo yah!!

Ron and his parents

Wally, Ron, Peg

Team Minimized Cranium Drag

Home to shower and time to hit the after parties. First, Ron's. Ran out of time to make it out to Byron. Then to Peg and Wally's.

... to Drive!!

I actually got to drive Wally's red BMW convertible. SWEET.

Then home to make cookies and finally off to Pasternak's ...

... to Share a Lovely Evening With Friends!!

What a fun, relaxing evening on a beautiful patio overlooking rural SW Rochester.

Erin, Heidi, Andy, Jeff, Carter, Dan
Carole, Erin, Heidi

Trevor and Helen

Jeff and Carole had an amazing spread. They get these sausages from a market up in the cities (downtown Mpls. but I can't remember the name ... across from Punch Pizza). Pierogis. Sauteed peppers and zucchni. Yum. Double yum.

Trevor. What can I say. All evening as we sat around the fire we heard stories about all the things that he's been impaled with in his head. Shot in the back (through a Big Wheel seat) with a pellet gun. And so it goes. And he lived to tell about it! At one point in the evening, I heard a loud thud up on the dec. Turns out Trevor walked right through the screen door. It was SO FUNNY. Poor Trevor. He felt so bad. But I still LOL just thinking about it. We're not laughing AT you Trevor, we're laughing WITH you. :-)

They did get it back on track. I got home about 11:15 PM. A long, but most enjoyable day.

I had 25 friends over for dinner this evening. More on that tomorrow. For now ...

... to Sleep!

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