Thursday, May 5, 2011

More of the Same

Not too much new and exciting. I just keep plugging away at life ...

I'm reading the book Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich. He is absolutely amazing. His goal was to run across the country, at age 57, covering 70 miles a day starting in San Francisco until he reached the east coast. Where I'm at in the book he's at about day 5 and hurting. Certainly understandable. Did you know ... Marshall Ulrich has no toenails? As soon as I finish this post it's back to the book. It's a page-turner.

I met with Jean and Jen at Panera this evening to discuss the Rochester Half marathon (August 27). It's a work in progress, but we decided that purple shirts would be WAY COOL. And so it goes.

What's up next? I have to make a carrot cake tomorrow for my sister-in-law Jen. It's for a shower on Saturday. And I'm going to make a poppy seed cake for a potluck on Saturday. And paint a fence. And maybe a wall or two.

This morning I was going to swim but my upper body was a bit sore. Why? Cuz I had to get this stuff moved to the garage last night so it can be given away.

Yesterday I made a couple of strawberry/blueberry pies for Peg and Wally.

They were having a Med-City marathon meeting.

???, Yvonne, Wally

Annie, Mark, Peg

Jill and Darald

It was interesting to sit and listen. I volunteered to be a course marshal for the 5K on Saturday. I'm not sure what Med-City will bring ... maybe a volunteer role, maybe run the half. I'll see how Wobegon goes.

Well, that's all I know. Good night.

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