Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just an Average Day ...

... but that's OK! Morning workout: run to the Y, lift, swim (pool was very busy for a Tuesday), run home. It was chilly (26 degrees) but not windy, which was a very nice change. This afternoon I ran down to the hospital to visit a friend, so that made 6.2 run miles for the day. Just right. :-) Wanna know a little trivia regarding my swims? I ALWAYS put my water bottle EXACTLY in the middle of the stripe at the end of the lane. ALWAYS. :-) Another of my little quirks.

I saw this photo pictured on Trevor's FB page and I think it's a wonderful picture of all 3 of them. They gave me permission to post it. That's Jeff, Andy, Trevor sporting some pretty cool medals.

I've been highly involved in Craigslist transactions in the last 24 hours. Boy, you offer something free and you can rest assured someone (or in my case, MANY people) will want it. I could have given the workbenches away 10 times over. Couch ... spoken for. La-Z-Boy chair (new addition today), gone immediately. Today I added canning jars (got an offer within 30 minutes). The cake pans are a slow mover, but that's OK. They don't take up much room.

Another addition to the New York City marathon gang ... Andy Becker. Hoo-rah!! Gonna be fun.

I'm making a strawberry cream pie (actually 2) tomorrow for Wally Arnold for being an über-volunteer at Fetzer. I'll be dropping in on the Med-City committee meeting. Might be interesting ... !! Thursday at 5, a Rochester Half Marathon meeting. Saturday evening, a Lace-Up Against Breast Cancer potluck. Race season is upon us!

That's all I know today. Toodles.

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