Saturday, May 28, 2011

Med-City Prep, Redux

I feel like I ran a marathon today. Seems like standing still tires my legs out just about as much as running does. Early AM: 10.15 miles, 4 of them with Jean, John and Ann-Kristin, here visiting from Norway!! It's great to have her back. She said it still feels like home. :-)

I cropped myself out ...
 She's just about talked me into running the 10-miler at Chester Woods next weekend. She is. :-) Then it was home to make batch #1 of cookies ... Double Chocolate Chunk, Ron's favorite. That's potluck number one for tomorrow afternoon. Ran up to Target for a few things, then back to the post office, then home for a few minutes before going downtown to pick up my volunteer shirt before heading to my course marshal post for the Med-City 5K.

Seemed like a good turnout for the 5K. Lots of folks wearing I heart Shannon Ts. I asked one gal what that was about ... they were wearing them for someone who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. There were a lot of them.

I parked over by the water stop and stopped and chatted with Deb Krause for a few minutes before heading to the Civic Center to help with packet pickup.

It was fun to see the jumbotron and all the spectators still at the finish line. Exciting!!

Spotted at the expo ...


Jim and Dan

Carrie Tollefson

3 of the Fab 4 (Dan, Trevor, Jeff)
Andy and Bill
Tomorrow I report to the gym at the Byron middle school at 5 AM for packet pickup. Then it's off to my (new) course marshal location, 11th Ave and 9th St NE. Busy day today, busier day tomorrow. So I better call it quits.


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