Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday PM

A busy day. But all good. Started the day with a 17.10 mile run. Ran a few early and then met Joe and Bri at the Y at 9:15 for 9 or so. The continued back to the Y and I looped around the lake again before heading back to shower and get to Dooley's by 11:45. Had a very nice lunch with Kay and Brian.

I had the pork sliders with Guiness BBQ sauce. Ate 2 and brought the third, and the chips, home. Those chips are SPICY.

When I got to the Y and was putting my stuff in the trunk, someone drove in, rolled down his window, and asked if I was Renee. Affirmative. He said, hold on a minute. He parked then came over to talk to me. He said he was a friend of Paul Melby and had been introduced to me, by Paul, at Med-City last year and said he remembered me carrying the pacer sign.

Me 'n Melby
He said he was up north when he got the call and has only had his wife to talk with about it so far, and he needed a hug. Now nice. Of course!! You can never get or give enough hugs. We chatted for about 10 minutes. What a nice start to my day.

Late afternoon I headed down to Stewartville to run a few miles with Jim Parry. He's running marathon number one of seven today. Actually, he's probably done by now. He was running with his 9-year old son Jack when I got there.

Jack soon got in the van with mom and I continued running with Jim. After a few miles we were joined by Kevin Torgerson, who ran the Fargo marathon (in 3:56) this weekend. :-)

I bailed after 22.03 miles for the day. Enough already!! Leg is doing good. :-)

Jim is running 5 x a 5.2 mile loop each day this week and would love to have company! He's starting at 4 pm at the middle school. Please consider joining him for a few miles. I'll be back. With some oatmeal raisin cookies. More info, and a map, on his blog.

What a beautiful evening. The wind went down, a few puffy clouds in the sky. Perfect. The Prairiefire crab in the back yard was at its peak a few days ago. With the wind and the rain, the petals are blanketing the ground now. But it's a beauty.

All for now. Good night ...

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