Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kind of short on material for a post today. But that's the way some days are.

This morning was my first run since the marathon. I ran to the Y, lifted, swam almost an hour and ran home (4 miles total). Felt absolutely fine. So I decided to go to Byron Team R.E.D. tonight. We ran 5.5 or 6 fairly speedy miles (at least for these legs they were!). Then stayed for a meal at The Bear's Den. I had the raspberry chicken wrap.

I left (most of) the fries. : )

There were 13 of us. Let's see if I can remember names ... Renee, Tom, Roger, Renee, Ann, Paul, Paul, Karl Peter, Todd, Wendy, Dalene, Joy, ... Argh. I'm forgetting one. Congrats to Wendy and Roger on winning $5 Bear's Den Gift Cards playing Rock/Paper/Scissors. I was out in the first round.

Ron Giles reports that the Nutella bread was tasty, and extremely filling. : )

I read in the paper tonight that the average temp so far in January has been 1.5 degrees, which is 10.5 degrees below normal. Brrrrr. Made today feel downright tropical.

Happy Friday everyone!


Team R.E.D. said...
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Team R.E.D. said...

Thanks for joining us.. and I found it funny you said speedy miles for you tired legs! You pushed the pace, we were 3 steps behind you the entire way (racer!)

Jen said...

Congrats on the Zoom win Renee!

Did you know that there is a World Nutella Day? This year it is Feb 5th. Did I miss the recipe for the bread or has it not been posted?

Also, could you share info about running at the RCTC track? I tried looking on their website and couldn't figure out when it was open to the public and if there was a charge. Thanks!