Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Is That I See?

Could it be the sun?? I believe it was. On an off, anyway. And it makes me happy. :-)

Off-Season Striders: 7:30 AM Saturday at Dunn Bros on Elton Hills Drive NW. 8 mile route planned.

Add to it by adding loops around Silver Lake or whatever else your heart desires. I know these maps are small, but it's the best I can do with Blogger software.

Tomorrow's "Half Off Fridays" deal is Victoria's restaurant. Click here for more info. Deals offered at 10:00 AM sharp and sell out within seconds. $50 gift card for $25.

I'm working at Running Room 1-4 on Friday. Stop by and say howdy. I'll be happy to help you with whatever is on your shopping list. :-0

183 hits on this blog yesterday. Whoo hoo! I still think 200 is within reason.

I believe I'll take a dip in the Silver Lake pool tomorrow for my lap swimming. Should be a bit cooler than indoors at the Y, for sure. But the lanes are longer which will be nice. Just want to "test the waters" as they say. Ellen at the Y says that it will be open at 6 AM (posted as 6:30 AM on the schedule.) Got on the Stairmaster this morning for an hour and a half. Thought my legs would be trashed after the bike ride yesterday afternoon, but I felt surprisingly fresh, actually. That was a nice surprise. Put Judy's pedals on my bike yesterday. They're more cool than the ones I had on yesterday and they have straps. I'm moving up in the world.

Just baked a batch of cookies for TNT this evening. (Someone reminded me on Tuesday that I didn't bring cookies. My bad!!) No fat free, fat substitute, sugar substitute, soy-based recipe deal-e-o. They're the real deal. As usual. :-) I'm getting nervous about this tri thing once again. It sounds like my son Eric is going to give it a try, too. Matt is going to be the official bike watcher and picture taker, as he was on Tuesday as well. We're off to TNT now ...

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