Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!!

Beautiful sunshine today. And the forecast for the week just gets better and better as the week goes on. No preciptation expected for the next 7 days. This race director is one HAPPY camper!! The race entries keep coming in. The calls keep coming in. It's hoppin' around here. Matt, my youngest son who's a student at Winona State, will be home to help me. I'm thankful.

Vicki Martinson is going to sing the national anthem for the Fetzer 20K and 2-mile. She has a wonderful voice and such a nice gal. Wife of runner Jim Martinson (one of the "cookie monsters" who get cookies of the month at the Y). Sister of Pam Trebtosky in my book club.

Here's the Athlete of the Week story on Mary Chestolowski. Whoo hoo!! Yesterday's results in the paper have a photo of Mary.

I had a good swim this mornin. In one of the books I've been skimming, Triathlon for Dummies or The Idiot's Guide to Triathlon or something, one of the things they mention is to swim "long" and swim "on your side", i.e. stretch out your body and rotate your belly button to the side of the pool during the stroke instead of leaving it pointing at the bottom of the pool. So I worked on that today and I could tell a difference. I looked at my watch after 9 laps (1/4 mile) and it was 10:06. And I'd stopped to adjust my goggles once and once to untwist the strap on my suit. I was timed in 10:50 for the indoor tri several weeks ago, so I was pleased as I'd swam yesterday too. I'm still slow, but maybe, on a given day, not as slow as I once was. ;-) I really need to work on breathing on both sides. Breathing on the left is leaving me all discombobulated!! And looking like an idiot!!!

Here's a funny photo passed along by KC Reed. Beware INDEED!!

My Cooking Light group meets this coming Monday. I was assigned (or I guess I volunteered!) to make Monday Morning Potato Bread. I love to bake bread. It's therapeutic, the house smells wonderful, and it's a tasty treat. I decided to do a test run this afternoon. It's delish!! I just ate one of the heels of the loaf, while warm, with butter on it. Heavenly. I'll make another batch on Monday for the gals, and bring some jam. I've still got lots in my stash ... black raspberry jam, Concord grape jelly, plum jam, strawberry jam, ...

135 hits here yesterday. :-) Thanks for visiting my little corner of the universe.

Still looking for anyone interested in a viewing of Running the Sahara . Here's a trailer:

The viewing will take place at my house. With cookies, of course. And ... ice cold milk. 3 of us are interested so far.

Well, it's only 7:15. I think I'll make another batch of cookies. I'm hoping for LOTS of runners on Saturday!!



Kelly said...

How cruel of you to tell me about the bread and jam when I'm not there to have any :( My mouth is watering!!!! I hope you guys have a great time!

Ramblin' Renee said...

Thanks, Kelly. We miss you! Come back and visit ANY TIME.