Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Running the Sahara

This evening, Jim, Judy, Lionel, Melissa and I watched Running the Sahara (thank you Lionel!) at my house. What a story. These 3 guys ran across the Sahara desert. Their original plan was to run 2 marathons/day and finish in 82 days. It ended up taking them 111 days. With zero days off. I can't even fathom such an undertaking. They lost between 25 and 40 pounds and of course could eat virtually anything and everything they wanted. (At one point, I believe it was in Niger, they ate freshly butchered camel ...) They had to deal with sandstorms, relentless sun (they took a few hours off in the afternoon) and pretty much everything else that the desert, and all those days of togetherness would throw at them. There was one strong personality amongst them, Charlie. He caused a little tension amongst the group, including their support crew. But in the end they finished as friends, on the east coast of Egypt. Highly recommended viewing.

Got to get to bed. I've got a date at the pool with Melissa and Judy at 5:30 AM.

Sleep well!

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