Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fetzer Frenzy!!

Well, this last day or two before the event, I'm a bundle of frenetic energy!! Constant movement. Running on adrenaline. Brain on overdrive. Constant desire to eat M&Ms (but I WILL RESIST!) But I have to admit I kind of thrive on activity. :-) And I'm most productive when I have lots to do. All good. 190 registered for the run as of this evening. I'm hoping for 250 by race time. Shirts are GREAT. I designed them this year and I'm very happy with them. Something a little different that the usual race shirt. (Sleeves appear black in the photo, but they're navy) Thank you Brad at Images for the great work!! And for being patient with me.

I got the course marked today and swept a little gravel. I'll run the course in the morning to make sure that all is well. Picked up the bananas from Kwik Trip today. Then tomorrow it's off to Reichel Foods to pick up Dippin' Stix (apple slices and caramel) and Great Harvest to pick up the cinnamon raisin race rolls (bread nuggets). Jason Harvey is delivering 10 12-packs of actiVwater tomorrow. THANK YOU sponsors for your donations!!

I'm making one last (large) batch of Fetzer cookies. They're marbled peanut butter/chocolate. And they're delicious. A new recipe. The dough:

The cookies:

Ron Giles is going to LOVE these. I just know it.

Setup for the race begins at 6:30 AM in the Bamber Valley gym. Anyone wanting to assist is welcome to join in the fun!!

Son Matt arrived home from Winona State this evening. It's wonderful to have him home.

Running Room eMagazine for April is now downloadable for your reading pleasure. 20% off coupon, good all month, on page 13. Featured on the cover is the Lucky Green 5K held in March here in Rochester. Wally Arnold also wrote an article about it. My recipe for the month is roasted asparagus, also on page 13.

Also quoted last night in the Post-Bulletin was RTC member Sam Rowekamp, ...

in Lindy Lange's column. Her column was about the Med-City Kids' Marathon. It's time to start getting your (1/4) miles in, kids. The marathon will be here before you know it!

Suzanne LaPalm was the winner of the cookies for yeterday's trivia question. The photo is of Summit Avenue in St. Paul, in the final miles of the Twin Cities Marathon. I'm sure there are lots of stories to be told about that stretch of road. Some happy. Some otherwise. Most of mine are in the "otherwise" category. Also submitting a correct answer was Mike Schmitt.

Heard from Bill Nevala this evening that there are preliminary plans to stage a full (Ironman distance, but not an Ironman event) triathlon somewhere in Minnesota in the future, limited to 1500 participants. Most likely in/around the Twin Cities, but that's not for sure yet either. Stay tuned! I'll keep you posted. :-)

Melissa Gorvin has stepped up to the challenge of the triathlon! I'm so proud of this girl!! We're going to meet Shaun Palmer in the pool at the Y at 5:30 AM on Wednesday. SHE CAN DO THIS!! I will be her cheerleader.

The RTC was nominated for the Olmsted County Public Health Services 2009 Live for Others – Healthy Community Award in memory of Dr. Lyle Weed. This award recognizes people like Dr. Weed who lived by the motto, “Live for Others.” He dedicated his time and talents to make Olmsted County a healthier place to live. Though we didn't win, it was an honor to be nominated.
Time for me to chill. See you at the Fetzer!!

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