Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

Well, I was off and running to start my 2009. It started yesterday at 4:00 with a Beer Run at Beetles. There were 8 runners and 11 socializers.

John Shonyo, Sonja Kranz, Tom Williamson, Karen Williamson, me, Dave Phillips, Jean Murray behind the camera and Paula Patterson not pictured.

Spotted at home while we were running ...

Mike Holmes. He'd just finished taking down his Christmas lights, I believe. We took a tour of my neighborhood, the Baihly Heights, Baihly Woodlands, Fox Hill neighborhoods, a course with hills for sure. Here are a few of us climbing the last hill on Folwell Drive.

Joining us after the run were Jean's husband George Huston, and David Williamson and Karen's mom. I did have my beer. John would be disappointed if I didn't post the photo he took ...

Needless to say, all the empties are NOT mine!

Today, I started out running at 8 AM with ...

Don Garbrielson, Steve DeBoer, Jim Martinson, Brad Kautz, K.C. Reed and Doug Dewanz. There was a strong S/SE wind, so we headed south. We ended up in Apple Ridge, then went east to Walmart south for a pit stop ...

We then headed east on 20th St SE where we saw ...

Sue Christian. Which reminds me, she wanted a cookie recipe. I'll send that off right now!

We ended up running about 10 1/2 and by the time I'd run to/from Running Room, I had just over 11. Then I ran the 5K (not timed ... thank goodness!). I ran with John Resman (left in the photo below with Kelsey and Sarah Torchia).

We talked study abroad, club newsletters and local ski conditions. John's a coach with the All-City Nordic Ski Team. There were almost 200 at the Resolution Run 5K. Chris Chen was the first finisher from what I saw (no times kept). Biggest turnout yet, which is great! So I had 14.16 miles in by the end of the 5K. Quite enough for the day. Link in case slideshow isn't working AGAIN.

Speaking of the newsletter. The Publisher files for the newsletter are HUGE. I tried to run defragger the other day on my PC and didn't even have enough storage to do that. So, since I now have .pdfs for the newsletter, decided to start deleting newsletter source files. Freed up a lot of space. Then it quickly dawned me ... I didn't have any source for which to base the next newsletter on. YIKES!! What a terrible feeling that was. Quick call to Minuteman Press and after some digging, the found the May 2008 issue for me. Whew!!

Christmas decorations came down at the Saxman house today. Not quite the 12th day of Christmas, but wanted them down and put away. After that and a trip to the mall, I've been on my feet literally all day and these legs are tired!!

RTC members celebrating birthdays in January: Wade Bergner, Darald Bothun, Larry Burgart, Anne Dennison, Peg Dokken, Mike Ewen, Char Floen, Joe Gilbert, Ruth Hess, Pam King, Ed Maslowski, Mark Mueller, Chris O'Brien, Reggie Oeltjen, Paula Patterson, Randy Price, Daniel Roellinger, Jill Scheid, Sherry Sonnenberg, Gordy Strickland, Paul Thomford, Teresa Walter, Dick Westerlund, Eric Woodford (came in second at the 5K today, I believe!), Janine Yanisch, and Julie Yost-Minnich.

Quote for the day: "Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man." ~Benjamin Franklin

Until tomorrow.

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