Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not This Year

Yesterday afternoon I decided to not participate in the Securian 1/2 1/2 marathon this morning (that's not a typo--the half marathon was shortened to a half half marathon of 6.55 miles). It was forecast to be well below zero with -35 windchill. Not ideal running, or especially racing, weather. As I hadn't registered yet, I decided I didn't want to pay $35 for essentially a slightly long 10K. I would have enjoyed the little roadtrip with running buddies, though. That's my only regret. Hope the rest of them (also opting out was Sharon Mulvagh) had fun!!

Taking place yesterday evening was the Rochester Active Sports Club fundraiser for ski trail development and the ACNST (All-City Nordic Ski Team).. They had a great turnout. I donated some baked goods which are pictured in the slideshow above. On the menu: Caesar and tossed salad, Victoria's delicious rolls and baked mostaccioli and chicken alfredo. It was delicious! I saw the following people there: Henry and Sandy Hocraffer, Craig and Jodi Weckwerth (said they're doing Ragnar again), Henry Walker with decidedly towheaded little boys Bjorn and Arne (boy are those Scandinavian names!), Joey Keillor (miler extraordinaire), Pagenkopfs, Ken and Dottie Willkomm (ate with them). I hope they made LOTS of money.

So ... that brings us to this morning. Temp: -15. Wind chill: I don't want to know. It was what it was. But it was cccooooollllllddddd. Depending on the body part, I had one to four layers on (only single layer was my face). I got to Panera at 6:50 and did about 4 miles on my own before heading back to meet the others. I was OK except for my toes. Even with two pairs of socks on, my toes were cold. I asked the kind folks at Panera if they had any sandwich-sized baggies. They did, bless their hearts. I slipped them over my toes (inside my shoes!) for the rest of the run. Helped a LOT. (When we used to go sledding or ice skating when I was a kid, we'd put bread bags over our feet to help keep them warm. :o) We (only four of us--Laura, Dan, Duane and I) ran up around the lake and that was plenty for me. My mileage was 11.26. (BTW: Check out Dan Strain's fabulous eyelashes. Girls would die for those Dan!)

On Wednesday at both Panera locations all day long, get a free cup of their new light and dark roast coffees, samples of three grilled breakfast sandwiches or the strawberry granola parfait. Yum!

Next Saturday afternoon it's the cookie baking extravaganza (10 of us) at Laura Lenz's house followed by the promised martinis. Todd says we can do fruity martinis :o) I've actually never had a martini. I have to remember to send Laura the promised cookie recipes ... and decide whether we're going to ice or frost the cut-outs. Hmmm. They'll be pink ribbons (for breast cancer) in any case. Still plenty of time to sign up for the 5K or half marathon. Hint, hint. They still need volunteers. I'll be helping with set-up/tear-down in addition to running. If you'd like to volunteer, please contact Sarah Shonyo .

Speaking of cookies in the Lenz/Rowekamp household ...

Sam Rowekamp (left in the photo above) sent me the following email: "Hi Renee, it's Sam.I wanted to know if I could mail you ideas for cookies, and you could try to make them and then give them out at running events. I think it would be fun to invent cookies that people could actually eat. E-mail me back if you're interested." First off, what a nice email! And you bet I'm interested. So look for some Rowekamp/Saxman cookie creations at running events this year. Thanks Sam for sharing your cookie baking interest with me!

[ Totally useless info: I've got Natasha Bedingfield's Pocketful of Sunshine streaming through my head right now ... Just put it on my iPod.]

And speaking of cookies ...

Sara Holmes (pictured above at All-Comers) is selling Girl Scout cookies. Available are:

Thin Mints: Thin mint-flavored chocolate wafers dipped in a chocolate coating.
Do-si-dos (Peanut Butter Sandwiches): Peanut butter filling sandwiched between crunchy oatmeal cookies.
Tagalongs (Chocolate covered Peanut Butter Sandwiches): Crispy vanilla cookies layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolate coating.
Trefoils (Shortbread): A traditional shortbread cookie made in the shape of the Girl Scout trefoil logo.
Samoas (Caramel deLites): Vanilla cookies coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with chocolate strips.
Lemon Chalet Cremes: Cinnamon sandwich cookies with lemon creme filling.
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips Introduced in 2008, they are small sugar free cookies.
Dulce De Leche Introduced in 2009, these are Latin caramel cookies.

Cookies are $3.50/box. If you'd like to order, contact Sara at or 287-8143. (Leah, Sara's mom, said I could post this.)

February 7 (note change of date), we'll run from my house as I mentioned the other day. I'll make cinnamon rolls, coffee & juice, and now I'm thinking of trying a Cooking Light baked oatmeal recipe with dried fruit (raisins or my preference, dried cherries) and nuts. Possibly egg bake as well.

News on the Winterfest Trifecta : Larry has secured two prizes. 1) A one night stay at the Broadway Residence & Suites (but no, it's not the penthouse) or 2) A one night stay at Soldier's Field Ramada. He's still working on meals. So far, 10 are registered for the Trifecta according to Laura. The prize winner is chosen by drawing.

Well, I guess that's it. I'm heading for the RCTC Yellowjacket's b-ball game @ 3:00. My cousin Cindy is coming to watch her son Beau play. He plays for Ridgewater College in Willmar.

Thought for the day:
"Do more than exist ... live.
Touch ... feel.
Look ... listen.
Read ... absorb.
Hear ... listen."

Have a good one. Stay warm.

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