Friday, November 11, 2011

A Break

All I've done today is pack and work. No workout. No time. So now, I've decided to take a few minutes for me, and you. Here are my souvenirs from NYC:

Workout pants from Athleta, styled like jeans. Their pants almost all comes in talls, even small tall.

Headband and gloves, with the 5 boroughs on the fingers. Fun.

Yvonne and Jodi said I NEEDED this NYC purse. From a little boutique next to 30 Rock.

Five dollar pink animal print scarf from Chinatown.

From the expo (back of the shirt).

Race shirt.

Well, I suppose I better get back it. This is an exhausting and emotional job. At least I'll be glad when all my stuff is in one house. The movers moved the big stuff this morning. I have yet to pack up the kitchen, the office and some of my clothes. But I have another six days. Lots of friends helping move tomorrow morning/afternoon. THANK YOU all in advance!! Beer/pop/cookies provided. Come join in the "fun". Any time 9:00 or after.

Good night.


Gatesben said...

well said...pointable...
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Teton Trail Runners said...

love the gloves! i am going to have to go to NYC marathon to get those! maybe next year!?!??
congrats on your NYC finish & really great photos of you running! thanks for sharing your experience :)

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