Saturday, September 12, 2009



Just want to say once again "Good Luck, Trevor!" at Ironman Wisconsin tomorrow. It's Trevor's first Ironman. I'll be racing the City of Lakes 25K and Dan Strain will be doing the Square Lake 1/2 Ironman Triathlon. Sounds like good weather for all 3 events. Karen Williamson said that both Tom and Michelle had PRs today at the Lake Geneva Olympic distance tri. Way to go, you guys!!

Help Wanted: For anyone who's done a long run at the RAC on Sunday mornings, you know what a wonderful service Pete Martin has provided to the running community for many, many years. He chalks the course every Saturday, provides maps, collects the $1s and talks us through the route before we get started running. Pete has agreed to continue through the 2010 spring marathon season, but after that will be "retiring". So there is a need to replace him. If you are inclined to do so, or want more info, please contact Lin Gentling.

It's waaaaaay in the future, but it looks like the Rochester Half Marathon will take place August 28, 2010.

RRCA National Awards Nominations: From RRCA website The RRCA National Running Award categories include the RRCA Long Distance Running Hall of Fame Inductee(s); the Male and Female Runners of the Year and Masters Runners of the Year; the Outstanding RRCA Club President Award; the RRCA Outstanding Club Volunteer Award; the RRCA Journalism Awards for Outstanding Club Newsletter(s); Outstanding Club Writer; Journalism Excellence; the RRCA Children's Development Award; the Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA Award; the RRCA Beginning Running Program Award; the Outstanding State Representative of the Year; and the RRCA Road Race of the Year Award. Each award winner is chosen by a volunteer selection panel from the nominations submitted. Award Criteria and Nomination form

Well, I better get ready for tomorrow morning's early departure. The race begins at 8:00 ...


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