Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas One and All

It was a nice quiet Christmas at my house this year. I started the day running 15.12 miles before dashing into the Crown for a quick breakfast as I had to work from 9:00 until late afternoon on Saturday. 83+ miles for last week. Happy with that. After work, I came home and assembled the chicken wild rice soup and made Eric's favorite Brussels sprouts recipe. We opened gifts Saturday evening. The thing I've had the most fun with?? The African drum I gave Matt. It's got a goatskin top. Here's my niece Kaleigh giving it a try.

I gave Eric a 1000-piece puzzle that's all Coca-Cola advertising signs and that's been a challenge. Not even close to being done. So much for instant gratification!!

Sunday morning brought a 10.11 mile run after sleeping in until 7:23 (I think I haven't slept that long in 30 years!) before getting busy in the kitchen. My sister-in-law brought Andrew and Kaleigh over for Christmas dinner (my brother had to work) and we had a nice turkey dinner. They tried on their new jammies. : ) And ate a few cookies. : )

It was so nice to have a day off. This morning ... the annual Fun Run/Breakfast/Beer Exchange. I am SO honored to be in the only female on the invitee list. They let me win the fun run. : ) 10.62 miles for the morning. A record 16 in attendance this year. We had breakfast at Brothers and I had the walnut pancakes. Hadn't had them in quite a long time. They were delish, though too much to finish.

After breakfast, we exchanged beers out in the parking lot. Quite the selection!! Not knowing much about beer, I just did my best at picking something that wasn't too dark or strong.

This afternoon/evening I was back at work. And now, I'm ready to call it a day. So ... good night!!

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