Friday, December 30, 2011

Game Night

Fun time at Paige's house last night for "game night". We all brought appetzers (I brought Chex Mix and Peanut Sitting Pretty cookies) to share, and there was plenty to eat. There must have been about 25 people there. She had 3 game tables going. I was at the Cranium table. Pictionary was going on behind us and they were a boisterous crew! I hadn't played it before but was willing to give it a shot. In the corners of the board were boxes containing questions. One of the themes for the questions was Star Performer or something like that. Aaron (my partner, Paige's husband) and I were stuck on green for what seemed like FOREVER. Some of the things we had to do to try to get off green ... me: act like Katherine Hepburn, act like the Energizer bunny, hum Hail to the Chief and I Shot the Sheriff, draw a zipper with my eyes closed, draw the Taj Mahal with my eyes open. Aaron had to hum Amazing Grace, California Girls and act like Boris Yeltzin (sp?). It was pretty commical and a lot of laughs were shared. A fun night. Thank you Paige and Aaron!! Congrats to Jeremy and Pattie for winning Cranium ... after 3 1/2 hours!!

Running Room has a sale going off ... 20% off (with coupon). I picked up some asics 2170s which are very snazzy (white with light green and aqua ... love the colors). Evan said, "asics dropped weight this year". My response ... "I wish I'd dropped weight this year". Everyone laughed. : ) Had to be there I guess.

I've continued my string of running a minimum of 10 miles per day for 16 days now. Feel great. The weather has certainly helped in that effort. I was out at 5:06 today in order to get to work for the opening shift. Glad I went when I did as when I was driving to work, it was very slippery. Had a great day at work. Lots of business which is fun, rewarding and makes the shift pass very quickly. I wish every day was like today.

After tomorrow's shift (I open again so it'll be another early run) I'm going to a wedding. Haven't been to a wedding in quite a while. The groom's mom is a friend of mine and the groom is a friend of Eric's so Eric and Alley will be there too. Hope I don't cramp their style. But I'm sure I'll cut out a bit before they do.

Dan's doing the fourth annual (I think) 2 day marathon run this weekend. I'll unfortunately have to miss Saturday due to work, but will try to catch them on Sunday morning. Literally. They're MUCH faster than I am and I doubt I'll be able to keep up. Monday brings an 8 AM run at Dunn Bros. and a chance to sleep in (I work 2 to 10 on Monday). Hoo-rah!!

Well, I was awake at about 4:20 this morning, even before my alarm was set to go off so I think I'll call it a day. Have a great weekend. Have fun. Stay safe.

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