Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a gift!

Oh my, what a beautiful day today. Such a gift at this time of year. The year we built our house, 1991, there was a Halloween ice storm. We got about 1" of ice. We'd just planted trees and they were small. The ice bent the branches and trunks over, froze them to the ground, and they stayed that way pretty much all winter. Tomorrow should be a great evening for trick-or-treating, that's for sure. Anyway, today I mowed the lawn and bagged 4 huge bags of pine needles. Couldn't mow until I removed them. Also cleaned out my perennials and flower pots. Weather permitting, I'll lower the mower one more notch and mow again. A few years ago, Eric scalped a patch of the back yard for a putting green. That patch was the greenest come spring.

The RTC website has been down for a day or so, so I'm going to relay some Bear Creek 5 Prediction Run info to you per the race director. If you email Chris before 5pm Friday with your name, predicted time and whether you're an RTC member, she will consider you registered for the race. Registration starts at 7:30 AM on Saturday morning at Pinewood School. You can register then as well. Contact Chris with any questions. Thanks! Here's a link to a Rah! Rah! Rochester video promoting the race (the 3 best things to do in Rochester this weekend!). Way to go, Chris!

There is no Off-Season Striders run this weekend. We hope you'll all run the BC5 instead!

Register for the Running Room Resolution Run (I have!) before November 2, and save $5. All registrants receive a red and black running jacket. The run takes place January 1 at 10 AM at the store.

Here's another link from Mike Schmitt: 7 Reasons to Start Running . One big one? I've met some really wonderful friends in the running community in Rochester. Another reason? It's good for you to get outside and move your body!

Thought for the day: "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." --Henry Ford

See 'ya!

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Chris said...

Thank-you Renee!!! Really Thank-you! What a time for the RTC site to go down!