Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Chipmunk update: I believe the little critter is no longer scurrying about inside the house. Whether it died or went out the window, I don't know! Thank you to KC Reed for the excellent chipmunk trap idea (death by drowning). We were going to assemble such a device if we'd seen evidence of it's livelihood after Monday.

I ran just over 10 miles yesterday morning in 1:31, so I felt good about that. I'm hoping I'm over whatever was bothering my stomach (knock on wood!). I ran down to 22, east on the new bike path, up to Silver Lake, down to the Civic Center and home. Nice route.

Registration is under way for the Bear Creek 5 kind of the end of the season event for the RTC. The neat thing? Anyone can be a winner! You just have to know how to accurately predict the pace you will run (no watches or GPS devices allowed). Pictured below are the lap throws (fleece) which the volunteers and participants will receive. (I've chosen black.) Hope to see you there!

The October issue of the Running Room eMagazine is now available online. In it is my recipe for Penne Pesto Pasta and Veggies (p. 14). Also included is a 20% off coupon (p. 15). The Rochester store just got in a shipment of my favorite shoe (asics 2130s) so all sizes should be available (but don't wait too long!). The Rochester store welcomes new assistant manager Evan Spee who will begin regular hours next week. Welcome, Evan!!

Rochester runner and RTC Grand Prix sponosor (Northgate Chiropractic) Troy Amdahl was in the store yesterday buying some new shoes and GU Roctane for his upcoming marathons: Las Vegas and Dubai!

The Off-Season Striders (those of us used to running and socializing with fellow runners on Saturday mornings, who want to keep it up when the marathon training runs at the RAC are on holiday) will be meeting at Panera South at 7:30 on Saturday morning. All are welcome to join the run and the fun!

The Rochester Family Y has hired The Final Stretch to direct the Med-City Marathon for next year. The Final Stretch manages many running events in Southern Minnesota.

A Rochester runner who ran TCM as his first marathon reports that it's the hardest thing he's ever done. (He ran very well by the way.) He said that a half Ironman tri has nothing on the marathon. (Read more about his run in the December RTC News!) Yes, marathons are a lot of work. But they're strangely addicting ... Also setting PRs at TCM were Lionel Cheng (about 10 minutes), Sonja Kranz and Kirsten Kranz (an amazing 30 minutes!).

The movie Spirit of the Marathon is available for $19.99 from (a price decline).

This morning, I was out trying to match brick (saw fellow runner Julie Nelson who's building a new house in Dover), match paint, price storm doors, find Polystyrene adhesive, ... Later today, I'm off to pick some Concord grapes at Sterling fruit farms so I can make jam in the morning. I'll also make Ted his Pepper Jelly. Ulp. Don't like the stuff myself, but as long as he enjoys it so much, I'll make it for him. ;-) Then it's off to the All-City cross country meet/KLM one-mile to volunteer then to the RTC board meeting.

Sunday, a friend and I will be going up to the Plymouth Playhouse for Church Basement Ladies II. I can't wait. The first one was so hilarious. It helps to have grown up a Norwegian Lutheran to understand the humor. (Probably true of other Protestant religions as well.)

Thought for the day: "Laughter is an instant vacation." --Milton Berle

See you on the roads. :D

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