Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, until about an hour ago we were having a heat wave. Stepped outside to get the mail and it's almost cold. Finally it's ... running weather!! Love it!!

First day of school (mostly) in Rochester today. Remember those days? I sure do. I was such a timid child, that I usually approached this day with a mixture of fear and apprehension. Would I like the teacher? Would I be scared of the teacher? (That happened one year--5th grade. Grace Hambel, old with bright red hair, was my teacher. It was an interminable year.) But it was so exciting to get all those new school supplies--crayons with a sharp point (they're never the same again, even after just one use), yellow #2 pencils, a pink eraser, all packed away in a 'cigar box'. Back then, they really were, or looked just like, cigar boxes. No cell phones. No calculators. Oh, the good ole days. :-)

New events in the area for 2009: LaCrosse Fitness Festival including a marathon, half marathon, marathon relays (2- or 4-person), 5K, cyclicing criterium race. May 2-3, 2009.

Sad story passed along by Mike Schmitt: A runner was out training for TCM, doing a 24-mile run, when her husband who was biking next to her was struck by a car and killed. Very sad, indeed.

I spent some time over the weekend entering RTC race results from '78-'81. Look for them to be entered into Results->Past results on the RTC website shortly. We have these race results in hard copy only. I would be most appreciative if anyone wanted to help me in this endeavor. It's not difficult, but just takes time. I just use WORD with a couple tab stops (finish order, name, time, sometimes age and/or hometown). If you would like to do a little bit of data entry, please contact me.

I must have heard this on the radio, because I never watch the show, but on Monday, Sept. 8 175 Olympians will be joining Oprah on her show. I was a big fan of the Olympics this year.

RTC members celebrating birthdays in September: Dana Alexander, Kathrin Czarnecki (milestone), Sandra Dalquist, Deb Dilling (milestone), Suzanne Draayer, Jerry Goodrich, Jan Hanson, Jim Hebl, Doug Hussman, Sudhakar Karlapudi (milestone), Tami Klingele, Yogish Kudva, Steve Myhro, Sue Overby, Nick Payne, Josh Piotrowski, Henry Pitot, Abby Russi, Jason Sinnwell, Steve Strange. Happy Birthday to each and every one of you!

Congratulations to Julie Yost Minnich who now knows she is expecting a baby girl!! Mid-November due date.

Registration for the 2009 Boston Marathon Boston Marathon begins tomorrow, September 3.

Well, yesterday I joined Jean Murray, Laura Lenz, John Shonyo, Dave Phillips, Tom Woo, Tom Williamson and Kari Rossow for the morning run at Panera. I was planning to run 8 or so, just to 'shake out the kinks' in my legs after the long run Saturday. Laura, Jean, Dave and John were doing 20. Laura, Jean, Dave and John left early so I headed out with the other 3. I stuck with them for about 3-4 miles then told them I just couldn't maintain that pace any more. At the swing on the curve Mayowood Road, I turned around and headed back to Panera while the rest went to the end of the path before turning. Spotted along the way back, Don Morrison ...

followed shortly by Tim Larson and then Dan and Stacy Edwards ...

I got to Panera and decided to head up toward Silver Lake where I thought the other 4 would be and noticed that all the trash that was around the golf course was still there, and more. Amongst the trash were 4 or 5 serviceable bags so I stopped and picked up trash for a while. Running by were first Tony Poirier, then Marie Boyd ...

followed by P.K. (Pam King) and Peabody.

It was a good day for sightings, and a good day for trash!

Just a second later, along came Laura, Jean and John so I headed back toward Panera with Laura, drank some Gatorade (boy that tasted good on a toasty day). Well, I was at 9.74 miles at this point so I at least wanted to round up to 10. We headed back toward Mayowood and the pace was very comfortable so I stuck with them to the footbridge and the rest took the trail while I took the road to the closed bridge as that was a bit shorter and allowed for some walking. ;-) We had more Gatorade/water/bananas at the bridge then turned around back to Panera. Spotted on a bike--Mark Massaro. The rest had 20+ miles and I had 16.63, but I have to say I felt better after yesterday's run than I did on Saturday, despite yesterday being much more sultry. Needless to say, Sunday was an off day and today was an hour on the bike and upper body lifting. ;-)

Thought for the day: "Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I'll show you someone who has never achieved much." --Joan Collins

Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, I had a 5th grade teacher named Mrs Hambel.

I gotta tell ya, her name was Grace.

Her hair was quite gray however. This was 5th grade at Pierce Downer School in Downers Grove Ill in 1963.

You think it's the same person?

write me megthepearl@aol.com

Anonymous said...

I also had Mrs. Hambel for my 5th grade teacher at Pierce Downer Elementary School 62-63.
And she was a Sunday School teacher at the United Methodist Church. No one messed with Mrs. Hambel. She was la petite, but when you heard her heels tapping down the hallway, everyone stopped what they were doing and became silent immediately. Tough but good. You can reach me a krisasnyder@comcast.net

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