Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fair report

Chocolate chip cookies (the ones with oatmeal, pecans, dark chocolate chips): No ribbon. Zip. Nadda. Zilch.

Peanut butter cookies: Blue ribbon.

HyVee chocolate dessert baking contest: First place! And $35! (Photo in post below) Holly Ebel from the P-B emailed that there were 60 entries in the contest.

Run for Abby update: The group running from the cities to Mayo is gathering on Sunday morning at the Douglas Trailhead in Pine Island at 8:30 and will begin running toward Rochester at 9:00 am. The run will be supported (water, Powerade, GU). If you'd like to run with them (they'd greatly appreciate it), you could meet them in Pine Island and run all the way in, or start in Douglas or Rochester and run toward them and then back toward Rochester ... lots of options. They would like to see some Rochester runners out there in this effort to raise funds for and awareness of childhood cancer.

RASC Time Trial Championships For all of you thinking of doing the Treadman duathlon this year, here is a great opportunity to tune-up on the course. This year the RASC Time Trial Championships will be run on the 20 mile loop that will be used for the Treadman Duathlon in September. TT dates are Aug 5, Aug 12, Aug 19. In addition on Aug 26th there will be a 3.39 mile Hill TT which starts at the Douglas trail where it crosses in Douglas to the top of Genoa at CR 105. The way the results will be scored is as follows: everyone can race all three days for the 20 mile loop and one attempt at the Hill TT. Your two best times from the 20 miler added to your Hill TT will give your resulting time. Start times will be 6pm and go off in 30 second intervals. Vehicle parking in Douglas at the Douglas Trail lot on 75th. There will be prizes for the top TT finishers (gift certificates to Rochester Cycle and Fitness). Currently our plan is to have 3 divisions: Men's Aero, Men's Stock and Women's Open. If enough women ride the events we may subdivide the women into 2 divisions (either by age or bike type). In addition, there will be special prizes for any riders who can complete the 20-mile loop at an average speed of over 25 mph (for men) or 22 mpg (for women). Note: no one in the last 2 Treadman events achieved these speeds!

Ran with Lisa and Bruce, then decided to go to the garden.

Today's gleanings from the garden: beans, beans and more beans; sugar snaps (under the broccoli and tomatoes); a few shell peas (and that's it for them). Looks like I'm going to have to start putting up beans. I've got another bag full in the refrigerator. When I got home from the garden, I was sweaty and dirty so decided to quick mow the lawn. (Still hadn't showered since the run.) My oh my that shower felt great! But by 10:30 am, my legs were toast! Then the fair (with niece Kaleigh) ...

I'm so ready to sit down for a while.

Looks like a scorcher of an end to the week expected. Our 30K around Lac Qui Parle lake should be nice and warm. ;-)

Carry on.

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