Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Legally Blonde

Friday evening brought a trip down to Caledonia, picking up my friend Amy in Chatfield on the way. We were off to see my son Matt direct the pit orchestra for the Caledonia H.S.'s production of Legally Blonde. It was a bit of a drive (1.5 hours), but worth every mile to see Matt in his element.

The orchestra was made up of both high school students and community members. And they had a lot of music to learn! Matt was cool as a cucumber and looked to be having a lot of fun. I was very proud. Matt had arranged to have 2 seats, front and center, saved for Amy and I. We were told that so-and-so would show us to our seats. Well, it turns out that the usher sure liked to stop and chat, and he said that our seats were worth an extra quarter. : ) So at the intermission, I told Amy I was going to give him that quarter and wanted a picture with him. He was so cute! And he was thrilled to have his picture taken.

I finally arrived home at midnight and was hoping I wouldn't be totally wiped out for Saturday morning's long run. well, it didn't go that well. I wasn't adequately hydrated, fed or rested. 20.08 miles and it took me 3:04. It was very humid, and windy if I remember right. but i'm glad to have gotten in the miles and it was fun to catch up afterwards with my friend Kay (getting ready for her oldest son's wedding, and her husband leaving for Mount Everest the next day!), Mark W, Amber (after her 5K and off to swim and bike), Reggie (who signed up for Lake Wobegon!). And I got rid of plenty of cookies.

Today I got on the Stairmaster for 2 hours. Just didn't feel like dealing with gale force winds. Yesterday, an hour on the Stairmaster. It was that or nothing. I just wasn't motivated to run, and I had a sore left ankle and needed to back off the mileage this week.

So far, it's been a quiet week. Hoping to make it to book club tomorrow night and Team R.E.D. on Thursday on a very rare Thursday night off. Just about finished reading Born to Run. Makes me want to again try chia seeds!

Go. Be. Do. Have a good night!

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Hostpph said...

Somebody can get the wrong idea about the title and the picture. But it sounds interesting to listen the Orchestra playing Legally Blonde