Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wondeful, Wacky Weather

I haven't been able to take advantage of the wonderful winter (? ... yes, still officially winter until Tuesday) weather this weekend other than to participate in a morning run. But it was wonderful to be able to run in the heat and humidity of a typical summer day this early in the season. We know that the weather in MN can and will change ... in a flash. Yesterday I ran with the RAC and had one of my best runs in a long time. By the time it was all said and done, I got in 21.46 miles. Ran the first several with Craig, then Kari joined us. Post-run cookies were enjoyed OUTSIDE!!

Erin, Andy, Trevor, Pete

Bri, Sonja, Erin, Andy, Trevor, Lin, Jeff, Dan

I can't remember what made Dan roll on the ground. :-/ After the run, and some chillin' time, and a nice long shower before work, I decided on something different than my usual bowl of oatmeal. A 2-egg omelet with red peppers, a banana, and a multivitamin. It hit the spot.

 Today I ran with OSS at Panera. I ran most of it with Jim Li. I continued until I had 8.54 so I could say that I had 30.00 for the weekend. When I encountered Gina and her sisters Lisa and Jane, I stopped and sang a solo Happy Birthday to Gina, who's got a milestone birthday today. Then gave her a little sweaty hug. :-) At Panera ... Sonja, Scott, Dave, Pam, Jean, Jim, me and Jean's sister Margaret joined us for coffee. It was good to see her again! I was contemplating going for a ride at 5:00 after work today, but decided against it. I've put my legs through 30 hours of running and 13 hours of standing since yesterday morning, so I gave them a break for the evening.

Kind of on a whim, and because so many River Runner friends were going, and because it was half price ($40) until Tuesday, I signed up for the inaugural Wausau Marathon on August 25. Yup. A marathon in WI in August. Could be hot ... but will be fun regardless.

Today at work a couple came in that had been in on Friday. They were returning a few things and buying a few more, but she said to me, "If nothing else, I wanted to come back in to see what you were wearing!" I told her she TOTALLY made my day. We had such a fun interchange. What was I wearing on Friday? Jeans with my hot pink belt and pink Doc Martens boots. Today? My red flower shoes.

Well, I think my sheets are dry by now. Better get busy. Have a great week.

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