Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lovin' It

This weather ... spectacular. But it makes it hard to get anything done indoors. I've had Mon-Wed afternoons off and thoroughly enjoyed them. I'll be working afternoons/evenings Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun, my typical schedule so I've made the most of my afternoons off. Today I contemplated going for another bike ride, but my legs were tired after yesterday so I opted to sit outside and read my book (The Thirteenth Tale). Then hauled my trash to the OWEF ($5 for the last month vs. paying $77.83 to have it hauled. : ) and on the way home stopped to lift at the Y. It was really hot in the fitness center so after I was done decided to go see how busy the pool was at 5:30 PM. Not a soul in there, so I swam 2500 yards and had the pool to myself for the first half hour. Kept my own the lane the whole time. Sweet. So I had a very enjoyable day.

Backing up ... last Friday when I went to lift, I stopped and signed up for the 6 pm shift to run with Jim Parry on the treadmill in the lobby. He was raising money for the Y Strong Kids Campaign by running for 16 hours (5 AM to 9 PM). There's no WAY I could that. I applaud his physical and mental tenacity. So that was a fun way to spend a half an hour.

He raised more than $3500. WTG Jim!!

Saturday morning I ran just over 15. I was going to turn around at the first water stop and go back, but after hanging out there for 7 or 8 minutes, decided to press on. I didn't run the out-and-back to Willow Creek but added another loop around the lake so got virtually the same mileage in. After running 7.3 on Sunday morning my legs were shot. Monday morning brought a nice gentle rain and I ran 8.03 miles in that. Nice and easy. Afternoons/evenings spent working.

Monday evening was our monthly Cooking Light get together. Always an enjoyable evening. Our menu:

Bread: Renee
Bruschetta: Mary
Grapefruit Pound Cake (p. 16): Kathryn (we had Texas Sheet Cake instead)
Chicken with Pepperoni Marinara Sauce (p. 32): Diane
Wine: Pam
Leafy Green Salad: Margo
Avgolemono (soup) (p. 116): Barbara

Fave .... the Red Zinfandel wine. : ) Then the Texas Sheet Cake. : ) Here are some photos ...

I decided to wear my new "pink stuff" that I bought to go with my old pink belt. : ) So fun. I love pink. Especially hot pink.

Well ... that's about all I know. Just finished making a pot of butternut squash soup since I won't be home during the dinner hour until next week.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!


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