Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Full Day

It's been go-go-go since I got up this morning, but it's been a great day. I started out with a 10 mile run early, before work. What a beautiful morning. Perfect for running ... shorts, l/s shirt, hat, gloves. I ran 6 tempo miles in the middle of the run. I still am lacking some speed, but I felt good. Hoping to get back in decent shape this year and maybe do a few races on the circuit. I renewed my USATF license yesterday. After work, I got my hair cut. It's sooooo relaxing to have someone else shampoo my hair.

It was such a beautiful warm day (I love it when the overnight low in March is the average high temp for the day!) that I decided to get my bike off the trainer and go ride outside. Thank you Travis for the tire change at RC&F. While waiting, I spotted a sweet pink Cruiser.

It'd be tough on the hills though. : ) But she sure is sweet!! I rode 35.19 miles. Through Salem Corner, Rock Dell and just past MN 30 then turned around and came back. Windy from the south so it was great to turn around. Saw 8 cyclists out there, including John Dinusson.

Heading toward Salem Corners

Cruising north!

My wheels

Then I cashed in my Christmas present ... a one hour leg massage with Deb Canon at the Y. Boy, she found trigger points I didn't even know I had (and all the ones I knew I had too!). But hopefully I'll be all the better for it. She got rid of lots of little lumps, bumps and as she called it "crackly stuff".  Then I met some friends at O'Neill's.

A very good day.

Go. Be. Do.

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