Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Too old?

Yesterday morning, I went out to the track to run indoors. 1) The wind chill was -11 (I'm feeling whimpy and tired of the cold); and 2) I was going to run some speed work. I ran a total of 10 miles and ran 12 x 400 as part of the run. I'd gotten a new (cheap) 100-lap watch as I just seem to keep track of 8 laps relying only on my brain. Well, early on I kept forgetting to hit lap each time I went around so after the first 2 miles, I reset the watch. After that point, I (mostly) kept accurate count, occasionally having to hit "lap" at some random spot on the track. I think I ended up running an extra 2 laps, but I'm going to call it 10 miles. Back to the speed work. I'm really out of shape. And/or my legs were still tired from the hard workout on the bike midday Sunday. I couldn't get under 1:30 (6-minute pace) for 1/4 mile.  :-(

While at the track, there was another guy running. I'd seen him there before. He's very speedy and he was wearing a Mankato Marathon shirt. As he was going around (and I was going around the opposite direction) I asked him his name. David Sanderson. As he was ready to leave, I stopped and chatted for a few minutes. He liked the Mankato Marathon. I asked what he is training for now. Guess what?? Lake Wobegon!! Another (as-yet unregistered) runner for our merry band of Rochesterites running LWTM. :-) Also, he said he knew I was the Fetzer 20K RD and is planning to run that as well.

I posted this photo on Facebook yesterday. I was at macy's, saw this cute little jacket for half price, but thought it looked too young for a 50-year old to be wearing. It's wool, and is outerwear. Well, after walking around for probably another hour, I decided to post a photo on Facebook and get some ePinions. Here it is ...

I'm happy to report ... it's mine.

Gotta run .... literally. Toodles.

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