Friday, March 4, 2011


'Twas a beautiful evening on Thursday. There was still daylight on the drive out to Byron to meet up with Team R.E.D. at the Bear's Den.

I headed out at 5:25 to get in a few early miles before meeting up with the crew. I got in 4.12 miles before Tom's route talk. Then it was out to the unusually busy streets of Byron on our 5.8 mile loop. I ran most of it with Jay, whom I hadn't met before (on the right in the photo).

Tom O' photo
What a highly educated guy. We talked running, cardiology, MN/TX weather, snowshoeing, ... About 5 miles worth. Then it was back to The Den to socialize. The Melby kids had hugs for me. SOOOO sweet.

Madison, Carson, Anna
Anna was all dressed up for a school choir concert. I hadn't been to R.E.D. in a while so it was fun to see some familiar faces. And a few new ones as well.

I was tired, so didn't stay too long and went home for a salad after some (burnt) popcorn and some of Roger's french fries. Thanks, Roger. :-)

This morning, after finally dragging myself out of bed, I enjoyed a 9.52 mile run with stops at City Hall (drop off Fetzer parade permit application) and Great Harvest Bread (to fill out a Fetzer donation request form). Quite a pleasant run. Enjoyed it, though it was slow. My legs were still tired from yesterday apparently. Speaking of Fetzer ... I need lots of volunteers (and runners). If you can help out (April 9), please email me. Thank you.

The boys are both home for the weekend (Matt, until Wednesday when he leaves for SC for a bike race ... he's on spring break).

Matt's new bike

So I had fun cooking some of their favorites, and dirtying as many pans as I could.

Brussels Sprouts, a fave of Eric and myself

Butternut Squash/Pasta
I took my friend Mary's cherry pie out of the freezer for the boys to enjoy.

Matt relaxing.

Enough for today. Happy Friday.

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